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Shopping Annuity Brand And Super IBV Products Now Available On SHOP.COM

Since its inception, the Shopping Annuity Brand and the Super IBV line consisted of products exclusive to UnFranchise® Owners. These products could only be purchased on Now, your customers may experience the benefits from these two brands as the products are now available for purchase on SHOP.COM.

On SHOP.COM, customers can purchase Shopping Annuity® Brand and Super IBV products from the Shopping Annuity Necessities store. Upon purchase, customers will earn Cashback while UnFranchise Owners can generate IBV for their business. Since many of the products are household items such as hand soap and toothpaste, it can potentially lead to recurring orders as customers replenish and restock their personal supplies.

It’s important to note that the Shopping Annuity Necessities store is for your customers only. UnFranchise Owners will not be charged for any Cashback, shipping, and/or processing fees associated with customer orders for Shopping Annuity Brand and/or Super IBV products that are purchased on SHOP.COM. To facilitate this, Market America will process any iTransact orders for these products.

shopping annuity brand products for

The Shopping Annuity Brand and Super IBV line contain over twenty-five products combined. The products range from flushable wipes and shave cream to pain relievers and cotton swabs. The products are everyday essentials that can be incorporated into your daily routines.

Visit the Shopping Annuity Necessities store and check out the products for yourself. This is game-changing news for your customers so make sure to pass this information on to them!

Please remember: UnFranchise Owners cannot purchase these products on SHOP.COM. Shopping Annuity Brand and Super IBV products are available on SHOP.COM for customers only. UnFranchise Owners should always use when shopping for Market America’s exclusive products.

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity