Shopping Annuity Trivia Returns To MAWC2019 During Lunchtime

After a successful introduction at MAIC2018, Shopping Annuity® Trivia is returning to booth! During lunchtime of MAWC2019, the Shopping Annuity® / SHOP.COM Booth will host Shopping Annuity Trivia!

The trivia questions will be based around Market America related topics – the UnFranchise® Business, Shopping Annuity, corporate team, MA products, Partner Stores, etc. The trivia game is open to all UnFranchise Owners and will take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the booth in the concourse of the American Airlines Arena. Returning to host will be Larry Rogowsky and Sarah Rose Stack.

Who can play Shopping Annuity Trivia? How can I enter? How do I play? What will I win? Here are the answers to all of those questions. 

– When we break for lunch in the arena, make your way up to the Shopping Annuity / SHOP.COM Booth

– Anyone can enter the game. All you have to do is be one of the first 50 players at the booth to receive an answer paddle.

– Once we have 50 players, the game will begin. Our team will ask a question and everyone will raise their paddle with an answer within a few seconds. The paddles will have A, B, and C on them.

– If you have the right answer, you will move up to the front of the crowd to the next round. If you have the wrong answer, you are eliminated.

– We will play until there is one person left, who will be the winner.

– The winner will receive a Shopping Annuity prize pack full of cool swag and new SA Brand products!

Make sure to make your way up to the booth during lunchtime for some fun trivia! Check out videos from the trivia sessions at MAIC2018.




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