Shopping Annuity Updates And Enhancements From MAWC2021

The 2021 World Conference was an event that we’ll never forget. From the interactive experience to product announcements and business lessons, MAWC2021 set the new standard for Market America events! Throughout the conference, many speakers highlighted the Shopping Annuity and the importance of converting spending into earning.

The Shopping Annuity experienced many updates and enhancements throughout the conference. Below are a few of those upgrades.

Shopping Annuity™ Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner

The Shopping Annuity Brand expanded at MAWC2021 thanks to the addition of the line’s newest product, Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner.

This cleaner is an effective formulation that dissolves grease, films, smears, and fingerprints. Excellent for use on glass, windows, countertops, and hard surfaces. Providing a protective clean that resists re-soiling, smearing, and fingerprints while effectively freshening the surrounding environment.

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Shopping Annuity Products Now Available On SHOP.COM

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During Steve Ashley’s presentation during MAWC2021, Steve reminded the audience that Shopping Annuity products are available on SHOP.COM in every market country. Customers can purchase Shopping Annuity® Brand as well as Super IBV products from the Shopping Annuity Necessities store. From toothpaste to coffee and dog treats, your customers can now enjoy the perks of the SA Brand.

UnFranchise Marketing App Upgrades

The UnFranchise Marketing App Upgrades is going to forever change how UnFranchise Owners build their business. With features like the Customer Acquisition Tool and trial size marketing sample packets, the app has been integral to users trying to grow virtually.

At MAWC2021, Marc made a blockbuster announcement when he announced the app’s newest feature, SHOP LIVE. With SHOP LIVe, users can personally invite any of their customers to watch a live broadcast. Users can invite as many UFOs as they’d like to their broadcast. Plus, UFOs can interact within the broadcast with the chat feature and buy products directly in the stream. SHOP Live is coming on July 1, 2021.

Once the app becomes available in all countries this summer, watch out. We may see growth like we’ve never seen before!

What was you favorite update at MAWC2021? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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