Shopping Annuity Video Contest Bonus Winners

The entries for the Shopping Annuity Video Contest have been out of this world so far! We’ve seen some very creative videos, and in the end it was extremely difficult to pick our winners. I’m so proud of everyone who not only submitted a videos for the contest so far, but I’m even more proud of you all for adopting the #ShoppingAnnuity mindset and converting spending into earning like never before.

I’m so excited to announce the winners of the #ShoppingAnnuity Video Contest Bonus Prize! Have a look below at our Bonus Prize Winners! This is what it’s all about! AND REMEMBER – the contest runs until January 11th so you still have time to enter! Be sure to visit to learn more about this game-changing concept, so you can learn how to convert spending into earning too!

Most Creative – Sloteur Joseph?

Most Creative With Call Out: $1000 & 2 MAWC2015 Tickets  – “Not In My House” Team Bishop member

Best Messaging -Heather Houle

Best Messaging With Call Out: $1000 & 2 MAWC2015 Tickets  – My List

Spanish Best Messaging: Dii Hecker

Best Messaging With Call Out: $1000 & 2 MAWC2015 Tickets

Spanish Most Creative – Uge Ruelas

Most Creative With Call Out: $1000 & 2 MAWC2015 Tickets – Mom & teenage son

These runner ups won 2 tickets to #MAWC2015: (we have a few more winners so stay tuned for more updates!)

1. – Best Messaging  – Michelle Charland

2. – Sixth Sense Reference  – Edgar Andrade?

Two MAWC2015 Tickets Winners Spanish:

1. – Montserrat de la Vega

2. – Justi Rojado

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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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