Breaking Down The New Changes

The new has been live for almost an entire month now. Have you had a chance to check out the updates and enhancements? Here is a breakdown of the significant changes to the new website.

Users Have Their Own Website

Every UnFranchise® Owner has their own website. Just like your shopping portal, UFOs each have their own Shopping Annuity® website (

Blog URL Change

The Shopping Annuity Blog has a new URL. Previously, the blog was found at “” Now, the blog can be found at “”

Five Things To Do With The Website

With the new website, there are five things that UFOs can do: learn how the Shopping Annuity is changing the economy, watch SAMM profiles of success, training, compare membership benefits, and browse products to fund SA.

Mini Shopping Annuity Assessment

The Mini Shopping Annuity Assessment is a shorter version that can be completed much faster than the normal assessment. The idea behind creating a mini assessment was based around recruiting new prospects. A mini assessment provides new clients and recruits with a sample of how the Shopping Annuity can save users money.

Make sure to visit the new Shopping Annuity website today. Become familiar with the new enhancements and changes so that you can easily explain the site to new recruits. This is going to be a big year for the Shopping Annuity and the website will only support its growth!




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