Sign Up To Volunteer At The Shopping Annuity Booth At MAIC2017

Who’s ready to celebrate 25 years of entrepreneurial success at MAIC2017? International Convention is right around the corner!

Since this will be the company’s biggest event yet, The UFO Marketing Department wants you to share your Shopping Annuity expertise with people who are eager to learn more on how to convert their spending into earnings!

We are looking for volunteers to help run the Shopping Annuity Booth in the coliseum! If you’ve ever been to our booth, it always draws a great crowd because of our engaging activities and events. Between panel discussions and presentations from UFOs, the booth is the place to be at for all things Shopping Annuity. 

Here are some thoughts from UFOs, pictures, and past presentations from our Shopping Annuity Booth.

“If you are looking for a way to get more comfortable with branding yourself and the #ShoppingAnnuity, there is no better way than volunteering at the #MAWC2017 SA booth.” – Pat Goode

“My favorite thing about volunteering at the SA Booth is meeting with UFOs from around the world sharing tips on how to reach the SABP every quarter. I love to hear their stories on their progress, and see the excitement in their faces, when they learn more ways to succeed. It’s great meeting in person and hugging UFOs that I have become friends with on Facebook from all over the world, that have shared the same passion and true belief for our Business! The enthusiasm becomes so contagious! I can’t wait to volunteer again in just about 2 weeks!” – Michelle Charland

At the Shopping Annuity Booth, we want UFOs to have fun and interact with as many UFOs as possible. That’s why we are looking for volunteers to aid in booth activities as well as answer any questions that UFOs might have about the Shopping Annuity and the UnFranchise Business.

Booth times are available throughout the day so don’t worry about missing out on all the fun and excitement during on-stage presentations. We greatly appreciate all of your help and we look forward to seeing you at MAIC2017!!!

To sign up, fill out our form here:




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