Simplification is the Key During Morning Session of MAIC Day 1

Welcome to the first day of International Convention 2013! Greensboro Coliseum might lose a roof by the end of the weekend if the energy stays this high! Loren Ridinger warmly welcomed a nearly full venue with a testament to Market America’s success and encouragement for the weekend and the journey to follow.

“Creating a new you requires an acceptance and application of the lessons we’re going to teach you this weekend… Never take for granted that an opportunity presented today will be here tomorrow. It’s not what we say or think that defines us, it’s what we do. Don’t let small minds convince you your dreams aren’t big.”

A New Company: Business Simplification

Andrew Weissman and Jim Winkler followed Loren on stage to present a new and simplified UnFranchise® Business system. With 21 years of proven success with Basic Five principles, Jim, Andrew, and other team members have worked hard to create synergy between growing technological simplicity and a traditional model.

UnFranchise® Owners can now access and implement their business with simple ease and simplicity thanks to the following new UnFranchise® features:

  • Direct deposit
  • Online vouchers, scheduled to go live August 15
  • A complete 8 GB mp4 player with 160 power profiles and success stories
  • New Sign Up Wizard (that is the same for all countries!)
  • Improved Fast Start Kits, including a $399 WebCenter Fast Start Kit
  • New UnFranchise® Business Video that is less than 25 minutes from start to finish and a new 9 minute, 30 second overview video perfect for social sharing.The new UnFranchise® Business video will be available in Spanish by the end of the week and Mandarin by the end of the month.
  • Packages with a simplified, straight forward guide to picking the perfect product for you
  • New ‘About Market America’ PDF with 49 live video links organized by category, product documents, and a 23 minute Market America video on the last page.

Best of all, an all new with updated, simplified features will go LIVE on also has a new look, complete with the NEW About Market America PDF, overview video, and easily navigable information for new prospects.

Elizabeth Weber joined the boys on stage for the last piece of emphatic advice: attend a Moving Up Seminar! Two days on a yacht with the most intensive workshops from the most experienced pros in the business – an invaluable experience you can’t afford to miss!

Following Elizabeth and the boys, Dennis Franks rallied a troop of incredibly successful field leaders who, one at a time, offered exclusive International Convention experience and advice for prospecting and leveraging income.

“Business is not a game you can win by sitting on the sidewalks.” –Dennis Franks

New Products & nutraMetrix

Elizabeth Benton and Dr. Perry Kirchmar introduced and spoke on the benefits of the newest health and nutrition products: Choice Protein and Energy Bars- high in protein and fiber and gluten-free, TLS Nutrition Shakes, and Isotonix Immune. Read a recap of the new products here!

Lorin Sourbeck & Senior Medical Advisor for nutraMetrix, Dr. Schnur took the stage to speak about the latest developments in nutraMetrix. nutraMetrix offers several new in-office materials to support patient wellness that make business building and sales possible. nutraMetrix offers live webinars every week, a weekly live MeetON series, an NC Implementation Workbook, staff meetings, an HP implementation guide, and a new GeneSNP kit to be released soon. They also revealed an added bonus: new scrubs! Not only are the new scrubs comfortable, but for every pair of scrubs bought, another pair goes to a less fortunate country in need of health care!

The biggest news from nutraMetrix: an addition of GLOBAL HP 1 – health professional commission systems will now be in all countries! For more information on the leading innovations for health professionals and Global HP 1, attend the nutraMetrix breakout tonight at 9:45 in the Victoria Ballroom!

The morning closed with gorgeous additions to the Motives line, including the fierce and feminine fall line titled Modern Day Romance. See a recap of the newest Motives launches here.

Thursday is only half way over and the afternoon promises just as much, if not more exciting news! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets to World Conference 2014 today to receive free samples of select new products!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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