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Skin Entrepreneur Tips

Our skincare brands are so lucky to have such an amazing community of UnFranchise Owners! The industry of beauty is so much fun and rewarding. Whether you are new to this side of Market America, or looking for more ways to improve your business, here are five tips for our amazing skincare consultants and skin entrepreneurs. 

Stay Educated

Whether it be about our skincare products, esthetics, or new features on social media, it is important to keep yourself up to date. With new products being formulated on an annual basis, it is important to learn about the benefits and the updated regimen guide. Be prepared for any question your customer may have. Learn about their skin goals and recommend new products that will help them achieve them. You are their skincare guide!

Believe in the Power of Skincare

It is such a privilege to help others feel beautiful in their own skin. If you are a skincare consultant, esthetician, cosmetologist, or just a skincare junkie like me, it is important to practice what you preach. When you believe in the power of the products you are promoting, the customer will see it. Discuss your personal experiences with the products and share customer testimonials. Show off your products


We have an amazing community of UnFranchise Owners from all corners of the world, and of a wide range of ages and experience. Reach out to your team, or UFOs you connect with on social media, and collaborate! This will help you share and expand your audiences. This is a great advertising tactic since you are exposing your customers to more people who believe in the products you are selling

Understand Your Community + Build Relationships

Pathos, the appeal to emotion, is one of the three essential elements of advertising. Take a moment to check in with your customers, not to sell products, but to see how they are mentally. Many people who are in the realm of skincare have had a challenging journey with insecurities about their appearance, more specifically their skin. Build a relationship with your customers, so that they feel they can come to you. Do this authentically and you will build a loyal community of customers that trust you

Be Consistent

Like Loren Ridinger says, “Consistency is boring but it is the only thing that will take you where you need to be.” And that is absolutely correct. Be consistent in your education, social media posting, customer outreach, and you will reap the benefits of your hard work down the road. It is also important to be consistent with your message. Building a strong, loyal community that shares your values is built on the foundation of a message. What is your why? Choose it and run with it. 


We are so excited to continue working with you! Keep in touch with Lumiere de Vie on Instagram and Facebook.

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Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja

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