Skincare Meditation

Meditation is a self-care ritual. To some, meditation needs sensory deprivation. That meditation needs to be still and in silence. But that type of meditation does not work for everyone. Meditation can be going on a walk, cooking, and even doing your skincare regimen. The essential part of how these can serve as your meditation practice is BEING INTENTIONAL. Not only will your skin love the consistency, but when done with intention, your skin will glow and your mental health will thrive. Here are three ways you can turn your skincare regimen into your meditation practice.

Intentional Touch

As humans, we all desire physical contact. We usually satisfy this desire with our romantic relationships, but we can provide a positive, loving touch to ourselves! Skincare is the best way to give yourself the touch of self-love. Intentionally touching the skin throughout your skincare will heal your soul. Whether it is massaging the skin from cleansing, treating your skin with serums, or SPF, this will help you feel more comfortable in your skin. Be mindful with your facial skincare and body care to light up your day.



Breathe your way to glowing skin. Breathwork can help slow down the mind and be present enough to listen to your body. We hold so much tension in our faces, especially in our jaw and eyebrows. It can release stress, anxiety, emotions, and tension in your body. Stress is also a trigger to all our skin concerns, such as acne, dermatitis, etc. The more stress-free you are, the more your skin will glow! 



Mantras are a powerful tool used in yoga and meditation. It can help us rewire our brains to bring more positivity into our lives. This inner dialogue will help us boost our self-esteem and our sense of gratitude. This will promote more happiness in our lives and diminish stress. Less stress = glowing skin! Instead of criticizing yourself, change the tone to positive. If you’re having a bad skin day, tell yourself, “I accept my skin as it is right now. I send it love and healing. I am grateful it protects me every day.” 


Show yourself some self-love!


Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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