The Sky’s the Limit: Joanne Hsi Reaches International Field Chairman

When Loren and I started Market America over 24 years ago we knew we had created a revolutionary business that would change the world while making economic success attainable for everyone. Thanks to amazing UnFranchise Owners like Joanne Hsi we’re making that dream a reality for many people around the globe. In fact, we’ve got a very special announcement regarding Joanne, and an incredible milestone she just reached with Market America | SHOP.COM.

I’m so happy to announce that Joanne Hsi has reached the International Field Chairman UnFranchise level! Congratulations to Joanne for joining Elizabeth Weber as the second UFO ever to achieve the level of International Field Chairman!

International Field Chairman is currently the highest UFO level in the company and means Joanne has earned $125,000 – $149,999 in four weeks. This is a truly remarkable achievement and is a great example of what happens when you apply the Shopping Annuity concepts to your business and everyday life and are able to duplicate that success within your entire organization.

I can’t even truly express how happy I am for Joanne, her family, and her team, and know the example she sets as an UnFranchise leader is having a huge impact on everyone. She is simply amazing and is a hero for all of us to emulate. I admire Joanne Hsi as an entrepreneur, leader, and iconic figure in our business. She is a prime example of the fact that if you believe in yourself, your team, and the UnFranchise system – then anything is possible!

Most people don’t fully realize how much dedication, perseverance, and determination it takes to reach International Field Chairman. It requires commitment, teamwork, and duplication with everyone succeeding together and maintaining their volume and income in order to reach this peak! This is an amazing achievement, but as with all tenacious entrepreneurs there’s always new mountains to climb and new summits to reach. I know Joanne will continue to climb even higher because for her, the sky’s the limit!

As with all successful UnFranchise Owners, Joanne says applying the Shopping Annuity to her business played a huge role in her success and was a driving force behind her reaching International Field Chairman. Joanne was able to experience a huge jump in earning all thanks to the Shopping Annuity, Global Unification, IBV, and for becoming a Shopping Annuity Master Member while also duplicating that within her organization – which really allowed her to supercharge the MPCP. I’ve always said you must succeed so others can realize their dreams, and I know the example Joanne sets will continue to inspire our entire UnFranchise family to achieve even greater goals – because together we can accomplish anything!

The best thing about Joanne’s story is not only her incredible level of success, but the fact that she’s inspired and helped countless others achieve their dreams too in the process. Joanne has created so many other success stories with her fellow UnFranchise Owners because she leads by example and inspires us all with her persistence, incredible business acumen, and unwavering desire to help others. The impact Joanne is having on the world and our business is simply astounding and I’m so proud to watch her flourish as a UFO.

The entire Market America | SHOP.COM corporate team absolutely loves Joanne and admires her for being a true beacon of light for other entrepreneurs to follow. We are so proud of her and her entire organization! You deserve this incredible success and so much more! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger




Joanne Hsi has blossomed into an amazing UnFranchise leader who continues to inspire us all. 

JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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