SMM: Optimizing Your Social Media for New Customers

Social media should be an integral part of your business plan. Social media connects you with customers from all around the world, helping you reach all your business goals: brand awareness, drive new leads, increase sales, and boost your customer engagement. How you organize your social media profile is important, especially for driving new leads to your business. Here are ways you can optimize your social media for your new customers!

Optimize Your Bio

Your social media bio is the first impression of your business. This is where you introduce yourself to your new customers. For starters, you should specify what industry you are in. Is it beauty or wellness? Next, you should develop your tagline. This can include your position and the name of your business. Also, include and tag the brands you sell, so it is easy for your customers to find more information. Customers will also want to contact you. Include your email or call-to-action to direct message you to learn more. And lastly, you need to incorporate important links. Whether you are directly linking them to your website or sharing a landing page with all of your links, you want to make it as easy as possible for new customers to access your products and important information. 


Pinned Content

Pinned content is a hub of information you provide to your followers and new incoming leads. Whether it be your story highlights on Instagram or Pinned post on your Facebook Business page, this is your opportunity to answer all your frequently asked questions. Here are topics you can touch on: join the team, product reviews, tips, and FAQs. 


Be Educational

When selling a product, you want to find a balance between selling and providing value to your customers. Valuable content is educational and helps solve an issue. Create educational content for your social media to organically engage your audience. This can be Instagram guides, IGTV, Instagram Reels, Tiktok, or live on Facebook/Instagram. Research what information your target audience is looking for and get creative! 


All in all, have fun! Social media is an amazing tool that can transform and grow your business. Make the best of it.

Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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