Social Media Monday: Refresh Your Aesthetic for the Summer

Keeping your social media fresh and aligned with the seasons keeps your followers engaged. It’s important to tell a story on social media and relate to others so that you can build a community.  Being that it is Summer, it is time to have a Summer aesthetic on your accounts. 

Summer Topics

Let’s talk about it. Topics that relate to Summer are a great way to provide value to your followers. Ask yourself, “what am I doing this Summer?” and write about it! Here are some topics you can start with:

  • Vacation Essentials
  • Airplane Essentials
  • Summer Products 
  • Sun Protection
  • Heat Protection

Summer Media

The photos and videos on your account are used to tell a story. Snapshot your memories and post them! Enjoy the warmer weather and share it. Show your followers what products you are using during a long weekend, vacation, and anything you are personally using. People want to see you using the products so that they can picture themselves with them. Show them how you use it and the texture of the product. This is a relatable, effortless way to sell. 


Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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