Social Media Monday: How to Utilize Corporate Pages

Social media is a fast-paced, hyper-effective tool that’s absolutely crucial for UnFranchise Owners in today’s digital marketplace. The resources it provides give you the ability to reach more people than ever before with far less effort, but you have to know how to make the most of it. But, how are you supposed to find time for your daily life, build your UnFranchise® Business, and create a thriving social media presence? The most important tool in your toolbox is one you’re already familiar with: corporate pages.

corporate pages

What Are the Corporate Pages:

Whether your major is Motives®, TLS® Weight Loss Solutions, Isotonix®, or DNA Miracles™, you have corporate-run social media pages across various platforms teeming with valuable resources! If you haven’t connected with these pages already, here’s your chance:

DNA™ Miracles:

TLS® Weight Loss Solutions



Lumière de Vie®

Market America®


Shopping Annuity


Why Follow Corporate Pages?

There is a common misconception among both new + experienced UnFranchise® Owners that being active on corporate pages is actually harmful for your business. If you’re one of them, listen up:

Following with your brand’s channels will help you build your business on social media!

Your brand’s pages are filled with high-quality UGC, professional graphics, product information, and industry-relevant news. Think of how much time it would take for you to come up with and create all of this yourself! We know you don’t have the time to keep your finger on the pulse of multiple industries and stay on top of everything else, so we do it for you. All you have to do is like + follow your relevant pages and check back for the resources you need to stay relevant and up-to-date!


What You Get From Corporate Pages:

We’d never ask you to follow our pages if there wasn’t a reason. After all, time is money and you’re busy using yours to build your business! So, what exactly do you get when you follow your brand’s pages?

  • Product Updates
  • New Product Information
  • FAQ Answers
  • High-Quality User-Generated Content
  • Professionally Created Graphics
  • Event + Webinar Updates
  • Business Building Challenges
  • Product Giveaways
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Industry Information
  • Blog Posts
  • Recipes
  • Business Building Tips

Plus, if you’re posting well-shot, clear, and engaging photos of our products yourself then you might just find your own images featured on the page! It does take a little more work, but being featured on the corporate pages is a great way to gain visibility and followers! That is, as long as you’re using the correct tags + hashtags.

Why Engage With Corporate Pages?

Recent algorithm changes have changed the social media game, especially in terms of engagement, and the days of chronological timelines are far behind us. Simply following a page no longer means that you’ll see their posts on your timeline as they’re posted which means you could be missing out on valuable resources!  Want to make sure you’re keeping up? Here’s how:


Facebook + Instagram consider comments as “meaningful engagement” which means that comments are more helpful than likes for keeping posts on your feed. Don’t be fooled, however. Leaving a three-word comment or an emoji isn’t tricking anyone, including the algorithm! You’ll need to comment a sentence or so to really show the algorithm that you care about that page’s content.


Sharing posts is a great way to raise brand awareness, generate brand trust, and maintain the unity between your personal brand and the overall business. Contrary to popular belief, sharing a post from your brand’s corporate page doesn’t take business away from you!  Many of our posts are created with links that make new UnFranchise Owners wary of sharing from our pages, but we want to reassure you that is not the case. Here’s how it works:

  • If you share a post from the corporate page that includes a link to, and a customer who is already signed up under you clicks on the link, they are then automatically redirected to your site and the purchases they make are attributed to you.
  • If a customer is NOT already signed up under you and clicks on the link, they are then directed to the corporate site and the purchase they make is not attributed to you.

As you can see, your customers’ purchases will never be taken from you! We want you to be successful, and we’re all on the same team!


As the simplest and easiest way to engage, liking posts is probably what you find yourself doing most often. Keep doing that! Liking posts is a great way to tell us what types of content you’re loving and the type of content you’d like to see less of which allows us to create posts that are most helpful to you. It’s important to note, however, that the algorithm doesn’t place much weight on likes and reactions. So, you’ll have to depend on comments + shares to make sure you’re keeping up-to-date!


There you have it! Simple, easy, and useful. Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially with all of the amazing tools at your fingertips! So, get out there, get sharing, and get back to building your future!


How do you utilize the corporate social media pages to grow your UnFranchise® Business?
Tell us in the comments below!

Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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