Social Media Day 2020

Happy Social Media Day! Looking back over the past five years of social media, it’s crazy to look at how much has changed and how far social media has evolved, especially for businesses. In a world that is constantly online, there is no better time to grow your business through social media. Continue reading for tips for growing your business through your social media presence.

As an UnFranchise Owner, it’s vital for you to build and maintain an online presence on social media. Especially in times where the whole world is online shopping more than ever before, it’s important that you stay active on social media and build your follower base. Social media is first and foremost, social. Therefore, you should follow the golden 80/20 rule with 80% of your posts being about your life, hobbies, family, and other non-business content. Be sure to have a complete profile and share authentic content (Bonus – media-rich posts such as ones with photos, videos, and links tend to get even more engagement) on a regular basis.


Here are 3 ways that you can be sure you’re providing authentic content on social media that can help you grow your business:

  1. Testimonials: What would you trust more: what a company says about a product or what your friend shared with you about a product? Stories and testimonials remain the most effective way to market a product.  Further, people are inundated with deals and advertising. Rather than compete for their attention with generic messaging, add a personal touch and share deals that you have taken advantage of and products you’ve had a great experience with. You can also share products or deals one: one based on what your customer would be most interested in. Finally, share resources that make shopping simple and fun such as buying guides, ShopBuddy, comparison shopping, and more that you have personally used. Share how you used them, how much time and money it saved you, and what makes it different than others. The key is to be authentic by sharing what you have experienced and/or sharing something that you know will be helpful for your customer.
  2. Hashtags: Hashtags are an easy way to to drive engagement through social media marketing. It helps to create brand awareness for your followers and also make it easier for social media users to discover posts around those specific topics. This is a great way to gain new followers that you may not have reached otherwise. If you’re not sure how to correctly utilize hashtags, check out this guide to using Market America hashtags.
  3. Images: When scrolling through thousands of posts on social media, the first thing to grab a user’s attention is the image. The image is what makes someone STOP mid-scroll to see what it’s about. Take a look at your social media accounts. Go ahead, we’ll wait….                                      Ok, did your images excite or intrigue you upon first glance? A picture speaks a thousand words and you want the images that you share to tell your followers STOP AND LOOK AT ME! After you have their attention, it’s all up to the caption to make the sell.


Speaking of images, here are 5 simple things to improve your images:

  1. Properly focus your images. On both Android and iOS phones you can tap the screen to change the focus area on your photo.
  2. Natural light is always best! If natural light is unavailable, try the photo once with flash to see if it comes out brighter and easier to see. Getting your subjects well lit is crucial to a great photo, so pay attention to available light sources.
  3. Avoid zooming in. When you take a photo from a distance, it’s tempting to zoom in on something specific you’re trying to capture. But it’s actually better not to zoom in, doing so can make the photo appear grainy, blurry, or pixelated. If you can not get closer to your subject it is actually best to take the photo at a distance and then crop it later on.  That way, you won’t compromise quality, and it’s easier to play around or optimize a larger image.
  4. Reduce background and clutter. Sometimes your best subjects are outshone by the busy or overbearing background.
  5. Edit your photos. So much can be done to optimize a photo with just a little editing. Some of the social media team’s favorite photo editing apps are Vsco and Lightroom or you can simply use the editing tools available on your phone.


Happy Social Media Day 2020! We hope you put these social media tips to work on your own accounts!

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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