Social Media Monday: 10 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

We’re going to mix it up today and share with you a fun infographic about the top 10 ways UnFranchise Owners can use Pinterest for business! Take a look at the infographic below, and once you’re through, make sure to scroll to the bottom to read a recap of the main points and tips for how you can make the most of the advice.


Pin Strategically

Before you pin, stop and think: what is my goal? What are my objectives? What am I looking to achieve with my Pinterest account? If you’re looking to drive traffic to your portal or business-related blog, create a Pinterest plan centered on your main goal.

Don’t make it all about you (or your business)

Rather than making your Pinterest page entirely about your business, think about these percentages: to increase engagement and the number of people who follow you, make 40% of your pins motivational and inspiring (like inspirational quotes about business or success), 40% instructional and educational (like social media infographics and helpful business-related blog posts), and 20% about your business (products, coupons, offers, etc).

Spread the love by promoting others

Build your profile and online brand by engaging with other Pinterest users. Repin their pins and comment on the posts that you like. When you find a pin that you think one of your followers would like, tag them in the caption just like you would tag someone on Facebook or Twitter by putting a @ symbol before their username.

Make the most of your captions

When you’re pinning original content (meaning: not repining another user) make sure to spend a little bit more time than you normally would when crafting your caption. Use keywords, hashtags, and phrases that effectively describe your pin. Doing so will help increase the number of times other users searching for a pin like yours will see it in their search results.

Connect your other social networks with Pinterest

Connect your other social media networks with your Pinterest: Tweet some (not all!) of your pins on Twitter, post a few of your favs on Facebook, and – for those who have business blogs – embed pins into blog posts (if you’re not sure how to do that, visit the Help section on Pinterest to get started).

Pay attention to the placement of your pins

Research shows that pins that are placed at the top or second row of your boards get the highest percentage of views and engagement. If you have a pin that you really want others to see, make sure to keep it close to the top of the board you pinned it on.

Pin various types of content on your boards

Don’t just stick to photos – pin videos, podcasts, presentation slides, and webinars onto your boards to create them more interactive. Visit the Market America YouTube channel and SHOP.COM Pinterest page for ideas on what to get started.

Do you have any questions or comments about the infographic we shared today? Post them in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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