Social Media Monday: How To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

Instagram stories have quickly taken over social media is the main place where your consumers are now hanging out. Even though stories are a more casual setting, communicating with your customers in a professional manner is still important. Read on to see 5 ways to use your Instagram Stories to help grow your business.

You might have noticed a downturn in iteration on your Instagram posts recently. That is because your followers are flocking to stories. Instagram stories are a fun way to interact with your customers and be able to grow that relationship to another level. Remember though you are still a business, so your stories need to portray your professionalism. Today we are sharing 5 ways you can leverage Instagram stories to help you grow your business.

5 ways to use Instagram stories to grow your business

  1. Show a “Day In The Life Of” story to help your followers understand the UFO lifestyle. Through this story, you can show all of the different Market America products you use throughout the day and talk about their benefits, which will relate to your customers. As they get to know you and wonder about your amazing lifestyle then they will also become interested in learning more about the Unfranchise Business.
  2. Look professional. There are endless apps you can download to help make your stories look cohesive and professional. Remember now this is your business, so as cute as those Gif’s might be, are they really appropriate? The corporate team loves the Spark Post app to enhance their stories. For video stories, be aware of your surroundings. A blank wall is a lot more appealing than a messy living room. You can also enhance the lighting in your video with an inexpensive phone ring light, this will help brighten up your face or products so they will stand out.
  3. Use stories to promote your other social accounts. This is the perfect place to remind people about a Facebook live you might have coming up or an online party they might want to check out.
  4. Post regularly. The more often you post, the more likely your story will be one of the first to pop up on your follower’s pages. Make it a habit to post daily, this will help to create an ongoing relationship with your customers.
  5. Boost engagement. In order to make your stories effective, you want them to have a call to action. Ask your followers a question, have them DM you the answer or ask them to comment their answer on your most recent post. For example, share your morning routine with your Market America products and then ask your followers what their morning routine is.

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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