Social Media Monday: Instagram

Instagram: the social network that everyone’s heard of, but not everyone uses. So listen up UnFranchise® Owners: it’s time to jump on the Instagram bandwagon! Instagram has risen in popularity in the last year, and trust me; it’s not going away anytime soon. Ready to learn how to use Instagram? Great! Let’s start with the basics:

What is it?
Instagram is a free app download that allows users to edit and share photos simultaneously across Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare (in addition to Instagram!). Keep in mind that you must use a smartphone or tablet to access Instagram’s posting and editing features, but you can view a user’s profile on the web simply by going to

How do I create an account?
From your smartphone or tablet, navigate to your app store. Once you’re there, search “Instagram” and download the free app to your device. Next, click on the app and follow the instructions for signing up. Don’t forget to upload a picture and complete your bio!

How do I post a photo?
See that little blue camera icon at the bottom of your screen? Use that button to navigate to your camera app and take a photo. Want to post a photo that is saved in your photo archive? Simply click photo-capture button, then the Poloroid-photo button next to it. You can now select a photo from your photo gallery and post it directly to Instagram!

Once you have taken a photo or selected one from your gallery, it’s time to edit it. Use the filter icons that appear at the bottom of your screen to add fun colors to your photo, and play around with the tear-drop icon that allows you to bring your subject into focus while blurring out the background. See how fun this is? And you thought that Instagram wasn’t for you…!

How do I tag a photo?
Once you have finished editing your photo, click the arrow button at the top of your screen to navigate to the “details” page. This is where you put the finishing touches on your photo by adding a caption and hashtags. Yup, just like Twitter, make sure to use appropriate hashtags with each photo so that people who don’t follow you can find and like your photo (and maybe even become a new follower!). Select which social networks to share your photo on, and when you’re ready, post your photo using the check mark at the top of the screen. Congrats! You have posted your very first photo to Instagram!


How do I like a photo?
See a photo that you like? Click on it to expand the image and then double tap the photo. That’s it! So easy you could do it with your eyes closed (now raise your hand if you actually tried to like a photo with your eyes closed…).

How do I follow another user?
Using the search feature (it looks like a compass at the bottom of your screen) search for other users you would like to follow, click on their thumbnail to navigate to their profile, and then click the big blue “follow”.

Who should I follow?
Market America
, of course! Navigate to our page by using the search term “marketamerica”, and click follow. Once we have 500+ followers, we are going to do a fun giveaway, so make sure to tell all your friends to follow us, too!

Other great Instagram users you should follow are: @LorenRidinger, @JRRidinger, @AmberRidinger, @DuaneMcLaughlin, @AndrewJWeissman, @MotivesBeauty, @Lala, and @CarmeloAnthony.



Do you have any questions about using Instagram to share your photos and interact with other users? Post them in the comment section below and we will answer them in one of our weekly MeetOn videos!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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