Social Media Monday: Join the Club on Clubhouse

Chances are that by now you’ve heard of the audio-based app, Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a unique, new platform that allows users to connect, network, join panels, listen, or chat with others. Clubhouse describes itself as “a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only audio-based app that everyone is talking about. This platform welcomes users to chat in real-time to share their personal stories and offers an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals. It’s essentially a great way to network with the right people and talk (or listen) about the things you care about. It’s incredibly popular with entrepreneurs and celebrities so jump in and start listening!

How do you get an invitation?

The quickest, easiest way to get an invitation is by knowing someone who is already on the app and asking them to send you a free invite. Users on the app get limited invites so it doesn’t hurt to ask someone to send you an invite. In the meantime, download the app, secure your preferred username, build a profile, and request an invite from your contacts.

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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