Social Media Monday: #LDVGlowGetters

Welcome to this Social Media Monday where we highlight Lumiere de Vie’s  new community hashtag, #LDVGlowGetters. Hashtags are an incredible way to engage with your community of followers and one of the few features that stays consistent in social media platforms. They help organize and categorize content, making it key to reaching your target audience!

Our community is filled with glowing, ambitious people of every shape, color, and size. An LDV Glow Getter is someone who is driven to achieve their goals in life, while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out. Someone who is a rockstar in their business, but also cares about their physical and mental health. 

Use our new community hashtag, #LDVGlowGetters, to be featured on our social media channels. You can use this tag in motivational posts, work posts, product posts, and even on your stories! We cannot wait to see your content there.


Christine Cabreja

Christine Cabreja


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