Social Media Monday: #MAWC2014 was a hit on social media!

WOW! What an amazing 3 day event it was in Miami! World Conference and the official hashtag, #MAWC2014 went viral! This just proves what Loren Ridinger and Steve Ashley were saying on stage is true!  “Do you guys understand how powerful social media is? We have been given a free tool to use to help us create a million dollar business!”

To show you just how powerful social media can be, we’re spotlighting the hashtag’s success and sharing some of our favorite posts, tweets and photos from celebrities, the executive team, our amazing UnFranchise® owners and social media followers! The numbers don’t lie!


There was nearly 6,000 posts on this platform using the hashtag! Yes – we said 6,000! Check out the full Instagram conversation HERE!


#MAWC2014 was a top trending hashtag on Twitter with thousands of tweets about the happenings of World Conference! Click HERE to check out the full conversation!


The conversation didn’t stop! MAWC 2014 attendees took to Facebook to share some of their favorite memories! Check out some of the top moments from World Conference on Facebook HERE!

Thank you for making the official hashtag such a success! Be sure to start implementing the social media tips shared during World Conference into your business! Click HERE to follow all corporate social media accounts and join in on the daily conversation about company updates, events, products and more! And remember, you can join in on the conversation for our upcoming International Convention with the hashtag: #MAIC2014.

Did you join the #MAWC2014 conversation? Comment below and share with us some of your favorite moments from World Conference! 

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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