Social Media Monday: National Selfie Day!

Grab your cell phones and snap a selfie because it’s National Selfie Day! To celebrate, we’re highlighting a few ways you can up your selfie game on social media.

Try out Motives’ Instagram Filters

Have a little fun with Motives’ by sharing a selfie with one or both of their recently released filters! Discover your superpower with the Super Power Mattes filter or try on three different looks from some of the most beloved eyeshadow palettes like the Motives for La La Static Palette and the Thalia x Motives BESOS Palette with the  TRY  ME filter.

To access:

  1. Visit the Motives Instagram page linked here
  2. Tap the “sparkle” icon
  3. Choose the filter and tap “Try it”


Tip on How to Up Your Selfie Game

  1. Lighting! Good lighting makes all the difference. Try facing natural light like an open window or even stepping outdoors during golden hour. Make sure the brightness is always in front of you when snapping away.

2. Back camera vs front of the camera: Aim to take your images with the camera on the back of the phone rather than the front camera. We know…it’s tempting to use the front but if you’re looking for images with a bit higher quality, this is your best bet. Investing in a phone tripod can really help with this as well but don’t fret, your front camera still should be able to take wonderful images!

3. Find your angles: Depending on the focus of your image, you may want to experiment with different angles to get the right one. If your focus is on your eyeshadow look, Motives Beauty Advisor, Ka Xiong, suggests angling your camera slightly below your face. Watch Ka’s tip in action here!

4. Have fun with it. After all, you are taking a selfie!

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Can’t wait to see your selfies on social media!

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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