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Social Media Monday: Shop Socially with @MY_SHOPCOM

Social Shopping has taken over the e-commerce world. SHOP.COM and Market America work tirelessly to stay on top of the latest tricks of the trade. If you are not already shopping from your Twitter account with @MY_SHOP.COM, you should be! SHOP.COM is now your SHOP.COM. With this new feature (released at MAWC 2015) you can browse and shop some of your favorite products without ever leaving twitter! Read on to learn more about this revolutionary shopping experience!

Getting started is easy. Simply link your SHOP.COM portal and your twitter account by going to the ‘social settings’ under ‘my account’ settings link in your SHOP.COM header.

Be sure to follow @MY_SHOPCOM on Twitter. Keep up with this account so that we can give you updates on the products that you are interested in and communicate with you during your social shopping process!

Reply with #SHOPMyList or #SHOPCart. Be on the lookout for tweets that have a SHOP.COM product link in them from corporate and brand accounts, UnFranchise Owner Accounts and all social media followers sharing products. Select your favorites and respond to the tweet using either hashtag. Our social media corporate team will be monitoring these hashtags and placing the items that you want into either you’re your SHOP.COM shopping cart or your MyList on your portal based on which tweet you choose to use.

Enjoy the time that you saved. The item from your tweet has now been added into either your shopping cart and is waiting for you to complete the checkout process on your portal or it has been added to your MyList and is awaiting a future purchase!

Some important things to note:

  • Your twitter account must be connected to your SHOP.COM portal in order for SHOP.COM to have the power to place items into your shopping cart or MyList.
  • This process will only work with public twitter accounts. So make sure that your profile is public before connection with SHOP.COM and trying to add products.
  • If your Twitter account is public, your #SHOPCart tweets will be visible in your feed and to anyone else on the thread.
  • Retweeting with #SHOPCart will only save the item to your SHOP.COM Cart. You need to return and check out on SHOP.COM to finalize your order. SHOP.COM will send you a reply with the status of your retweet and letting you know it was successful.

We are so excited about this new social shopping feature. SHOP.COM is a truly revolutionary company in the social world! We hope that you enjoy this new feature. Get shopping! 

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Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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