Social Media Monday: #shoponSHOP

As UnFranchise Owners, you are likely to have your own site on SHOP.COM. If not, create an account today and point your customers to your SHOP site to earn even more. If you already have your own site, are you leveraging the power of hashtags? Try to use #shoponSHOP on your Instagram posts, connect with even more customers and become an influencer!

📸: @aliciachan_page

Social Media Monday: shoponSHOP

With over 17,000 posts under the #shoponshop hashtag, it’s the perfect place to house your online shopping content! By using #shoponshop, you have the chance to gain even more exposure by engaging with those who also use this hashtag. Plus, you have the opportunity to connect with potential customers who are starting to explore SHOP.COM.

For all your SHOP.COM posts, we encourage using #shoponshop to ensure your posts are getting seen by the right people. By your content being discovered, you have the opportunity to gain more followers and potentially reach new customers. Win win!


A few of Our Favorite #shoponSHOP Posts


📸: @milenakmirkov “Never met a pompom hat I didn’t like! ⁣ ⁣ Just ordered this style in 2 more colors from @jcrewfactory, only $15, got paid to shop plus earned cashback”


📸: @imkatesaw “It’s time to go NUTS again with my fav partner store, Amazin’Grace. . Time to bid farewell to 🍞🥐🥞🥖🥯🥨 and opt for a hearty breakfast 😋 . Let’s get paid to shop, get paid to be healthy!”


📸: @ayeumi “Always happy to receive my orders from SHOP·COM and to see my cat sleeping peacefully 💤 only cat owners will know 😆”


📸: @loyamheung “Enjoyed a simple yummilicious lunch in this new partner store of my mall. Eat and earn at the same time, why not?”


📸: @aznchoc55 “Perfect timing for Father’s Day. Perfect timing as I wrap up the week about stress. The perfect combination of getting a great deal from partner stores and adding value to the side hustle. Keep calm and wine!”

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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