Social Media Monday: #shoponSHOP

Whether you are new to SHOP.COM or rocking your own site, social media is a great way to share all that SHOP.COM has to offer with your customers. Pave your way to success with social media and get more customers to #shoponSHOP.

With over 17,5000 posts under #shoponSHOP, we already see the UFOs using the power of social media! When promoting your business, use the #shoponSHOP hashtag when sharing your purchases on SHOP.COM. By doing this, you will gain exposure to other UFOs and customers!

Social Media Monday: #shoponSHOP

A helpful tip is using #shoponSHOP in your caption and tagging @shopcom on your post. Not only will that post load in the #shoponSHOP hashtag feed, SHOP.COM will be able to see your posts and feature you on their page!

Check out a few of or favorite posts here:

Share your finds from SHOP.COM’s Partner Stores. We are more likely to buy when the products are shown in an attractive way. Don’t forget to mention the stores you purchase from or tag them in the post!

@milenakmirkov: “And I thought packing was hard before I was pregnant! Started a little early for this trip. ☀️ I’ve been shopping for affordable pieces I can wear through pregnancy, @targetand @oldnavy didn’t disappoint. Their swim and summer collections are amazing this year! ⁣
SHOP.COM Partnerships⁣

#babymoon #maternitystyle#vacationvibes #targetstyle#oldnavystyle #shoponSHOP#paidtoshop ⁣”

@ayeumi: “@jaserie_sleep pillows from @shopcompartner store just upgraded my sleep quality to another level 🙌 The unique design avoids my improperly sleep position, to avoid neck&shoulder stiffness.
Shop yours today at my SHOP·COM website to earn cash points

#shoponshop #shoppingonline#shoppingannuity #jaseriepillow#shopcom #partnerstore #deepsleep

@aliciachan_page:  “Beautiful Saturday with my favourite partner store coffee @millilitre_beverage
Some thinking + some coffee = some great ideas 💡
#millilitre_beverage #coffeetime#partnerstore #coffeefirst #selflove#entrepreneurlife
#shoppingannuity #shoponSHOP#shopdotcom #shoptoearn ”

What tips do you have to share with fellow UFOs on how you utilize social media to grow your business?


April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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