Social Media Monday: Start Using the #MAIC2014 Hashtag to Build Your Business!

Have you noticed that our posts about International Convention always include the #MAIC2014 hashtag? Now it’s time for YOU to start using it! Tagging your pre-event Facebook posts, tweets & Instagram pics with #MAIC2014 makes it easier for other attendees to see your content & engage with you on social media. Not only that, but when you tag your posts with #MAIC2014, your friends who are not yet planning on attending the event can easily find out more about it – simply by clicking the hashtag! 

See what others are already saying about #MAIC2014 on social media!

On Instagram…

By @scacmckinney: “Can’t wait for #MAIC2014 I better be getting a pic together with my 2 favorites this year!!! @jfwinkler and @cheyncrangle!”

By @tlsweightloss: “A few of our must-have products for #MAIC2014#AwakeEnergy, Choice Energy Bars and TLS Whey Protein Shakes! What are yours?! Comment and tell us below!”

By @johnc817: “Are you ready for #business#MAIC2014 #iheartma #ticketsaregold

On Facebook…

On Twitter…

Let us know: do you have questions about using the #MAIC2014 hashtag on social media to build your business? Post your questions in the comment section below!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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