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Social Media Monday: The Importance of Visual Content

Recent studies show that 10% of people remember what they hear, 20% remember what they read, but a whopping 80% of people remember what they see. When it comes to social media, visual content is an incredibly powerful tool that should not be ignored. Not only are images, graphics, videos, and diagrams more appealing to today’s social media user, they are more prominently displayed on social media networks and are more apt to catch a user’s eye. The following are some helpful tips for UnFranchise Owners who are looking to incorporate more visual content in to their social media strategy.


Visual content generates 54% more likes and 104% more comments on Facebook than text-only updates. Photos and videos naturally take up additional space in the newsfeed and are more likely to capture the attention of someone mindlessly scrolling through their friends’ updates. Think about it: text-only Facebook updates require viewers to read the information first before knowing what it’s about, while visual content conveys a story instantaneously. Makes sense to make the most of it, doesn’t it?

To determine whether or not a post should include a photo, video, or graphic, simply follow the, “Don’t tell if you can show,” rule. For example: rather than posting a text-only update about a  strawberry vanilla TLS® Nutrition Shake recipe, snap a photo of the Shake, add a caption describing the ingredients used, and post it to Facebook. Now not only will viewers know what the TLS® Nutrition Shake looks like, they can imagine what it might taste like.

Before posting another text-only update to Facebook, think: can I show my friends what I’m talking about instead of just telling them? If the answer is yes, simply snap a photo, add a caption, and post it to Facebook. Tip: For every photo posted to Instagram, tweet one photo on Twitter (it could even be the same photo).


Sharing visual content like photos on Twitter is a great way to get noticed while enticing both followers and non-followers to click. Like Facebook, photos take up a greater amount of “real estate” in Twitter feeds, and are more apt to catch a user’s eye. To incorporate visual content into one’s Twitter strategy, start with a goal of tweeting several photos per week, or one per day. Over time, mixing photos in with text-only updates and retweets will help increase engagement and boost Twitter followers.


Since Instagram is a social network that is entirely visual, it’s important to change up the types of content posted. Share photos of UnFranchise Business meetings and events, images of favorite Market America products, videos that illustrate “how-to” use a specific product (i.e. applying Motives makeup, mixing up an Isotonix® cocktail, etc), reposts from other users, and even motivational quote graphics that reinforce one’s personal brand or online image.

Visual content is everywhere, and it’s time for UnFranchise Owners to jump on the train! Incorporating images, videos and graphics into one’s social media strategy doesn’t have to be difficult; simply follow the “don’t tell if you can show” rule. Soon enough, posting visual content on social media will feel like second nature, and you won’t know how you ever did without it!

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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

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