Social Media Monday: Tips For Posting Awesome #ShoppingAnnuity Updates

The Shopping Annuity is the beating heart of the UnFranchise Business. By changing how UnFranchise Owners shop for things they already buy, they funnel money back into their organization and help get their whole team PAID! This isn’t a new concept, but over the past few months, the hashtag #ShoppingAnnuity has taken off on social media – and our UnFranchise Owners are seeing some serious benefits! Check out these top-notch #ShoppingAnnuity posts we found on Facebook, plus tips for sharing your own Shopping Annuity updates like a pro.

Check out some of our favorite #ShoppingAnnuity posts below!

“Who gets paid to shop? This chick! I’m making sure my team and I get paid just by buying the things I need (home care, beauty and health items). I can’t wait to start using my Lumière de vie Needle Free Serum. I’m not about those lines around my eyes. Before and after pics coming soon! Love my #ShoppingAnnuity.” – Crystal Clark

Why we love this post: Crystal shares how excited she is to purchase products for her home and skincare regimen that she was already going to buy. She injects some of her own fun personality into the caption of the post, and talks about how she’ll post some before and after pics showing how her new Needle-Free Serum improved those lines around her eyes. By posting pics of her new purchases and conveying her excitement about feeding her Shopping Annuity in the caption, Crystal effectively engaged her online community and promoted her business – all in one post!

“Just had our first snow here, and rather than hibernate, I’m taking a 4-pronged approach to my health! My coach customized my home gym to focus on CORE essentials. Balance board by Brookstone, ankle weights, ball, bands and free weights by Target, TLS journal and supplements! So while I’m watching Scandal, I’m sculpting my body, feeding my #ShoppingAnnuity and paying my whole team!” – Holly Cook

Why we love this post: We think Holly is awesome, and here’s why: not only did Holly share what’s going on in her personal life (getting healthy) she told us – AND showed us – just how she’s going to do it. She explained that building her Shopping Annuity and her new exercise routine are both just as easy as watching her favorite TV show. Way to go, Holly!

“Just received my steaks from Omaha steaks and fed my #ShoppingAnnuity and helped my team get paid!” – Elizabeth Weber

Why we love this post: Elizabeth is our top earner, but she STILL has time to feed her #ShoppingAnnuity (and post about it, too!). This post goes to show that to become successful, you must be committed to building your Shopping Annuity – and your social media presence!

“Feeding our #ShoppingAnnuity keeps getting easier and easier… who got paid? THE WHOLE TEAM GOT PAID – BAM!!!!!” – Carl Eklund

Why we love this post: Carl keeps it short and to the point in this awesome Shopping Annuity post! He lets the photo of the products he purchased do the talkin’, and injects some seriously awesome enthusiasm into the caption. This, my friends, is the kind of post that piques the interest of your non-ma® friends – they won’t be able to contain their curiosity about how you and your business partners get paid, simply by buying stuff you already need! Don’t be surprised if they also feel a teensy bit jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t be, after seeing a post like this? Who wouldn’t want to get paid for things they already buy? Exactly. 😉

They’re here! I just had my groceries delivered by Fed Ex, saved time and money, fed my #ShoppingAnnuity and my whole team got paid! Yeehaw!” – Sara Pinzer

Why we love this post: There’s no doubt about it – Sara is PUMPED to have her groceries delivered by Fed Ex and build her Shopping Annuity at the same time! Conveying your excitement in updates like these is the key factor in the success of a Shopping Annuity post . Think about it: if the caption instead said, “Just got my Fed Ex delivery of groceries. I’m soooo excited. Yay. #ShoppingAnnuity” Sara wouldn’t have received over 5 comments from friends asking her how they can get paid to buy things they need to buy anyways, too.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post coming next week, featuring some of our favorite (and most effective) #ShoppingAnnuity Instagram posts! In the meantime, keep tagging your pics and posts with #ShoppingAnnuity to join in on the conversation and get your friends talkin’ about how YOU get paid to shop! 

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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