Social Media Monday: Tips for Success During The Holidays (Part 2)

The holidays are upon us, and shoppers across the globe are turning to social media to find the best deals on gifts for everyone on their list. But they’re not just looking at profiles and pages of big brands; they’re also looking to their friends and followers for holiday gift-giving inspiration! Studies have shown that a whopping 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their social media contacts more than any other form of advertising. To make the most of the holiday shopping season, check out part 2 of our 2-part series on social media success during the holidays!

Promote the 10% off coupon

To entice friends to click on SHOP.COM links or purchase ma® branded products, make sure to take advantage of the 10% off digital coupon in your back office! We suggest incorporating various mentions of the coupon into your holiday social media plan (which we talked about in this post last week!). Talk about your favorite ma®-branded products that the coupon can be used for, and share products with your friends that you think they’ll like – making sure to mention that they can get 10% off when they shop through your portal! Some ideas: “Looking for a gift for a health-conscious friend or family member? I’m offering 10% off all Isotonix® products for a limited time only- which includes my personal favorite, Isotonix® OPC-3!” Before posting, include the coupon code and link to where they can purchase the product in the caption.

Helpful tip: When posting links to products on your portal (or anything for that matter), make sure to shorten them using the free website Bitly! Simply copy the link, paste it in the text box at the top of the Bitly homepage, and click “shorten.” Then, copy the shortened link and include in your Facebook post or Tweet! Shortened links look much cleaner on your page than long rambling ones 🙂

Host a Motives Online Party!

The holidays are the perfect time to host a Motives Online Party! When creating the Party, give it a holiday-themed title, include a fun description, and then select various looks to feature that are appropriate for the holiday season (red lipstick and sparkly eye makeup, anyone?). Promote the Party on social media, making sure to let friends know that this is the perfect time to update their look and purchase gifts for the makeup-lover on their gift list.

Helpful tip: Join in the conversation this holiday season by tagging your SHOP.COM related posts with #shopcomholidays! Bonus: when you’re not sure what to post, simply search for the #shopcomholidays on your preferred social network to get some inspiration.

Lend a helping hand by creating a Trend!

Do you know someone who is having a hard time figuring out what to buy for a loved one this holiday season? Seriously, who doesn’t?! Offer to help them out by making a SHOP.COM Trend for them with gift suggestions for that hard to buy for individual. To do this, first ask a few basic questions about who the person is and why they’re difficult to shop for, and what they’ve bought for this person in the past that they liked (or didn’t like). Then, spend some time (15 minutes should do the trick!) making them a Trend complete with suggestions for a wide range of gifts they could purchase this hard-to-buy-for individual. Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box – you never know if a gift they haven’t considered yet might just be the perfect holiday present!

When you have finished the Trend, add a personalized message with a few notes about what you included in the trend and why. Then, share it with them via email, making sure to let them know that they can reach out to you if they have any questions about the products you included!

By applying these tips (plus the tips we mentioned last week in this article!), you will be prepared to make most of the holiday-shopping buzz happening both online and offline. ‘Tis the season for business-building with social media!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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