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Social Media Monday: Boosting Engagement

Almost everyone has an account on one social media platform or another.  Especially if you’re in charge of an online business, you spend a lot of time building up your social media presence but how do you know if you’re paying attention to the right numbers? Most people spend their time worrying about building their follower and friend count, but it isn’t doing you as much good as another number in your analytics: your engagement.

Engagement Hashtag

What is engagement?

Engagement, as it’s measured on social media, is the measure of public shares, likes, and comments made on your social media posts and page over time.  It varies between platforms with each including slightly different things in their metrics.  Here’s what the top 3 social media platforms include:

  • Facebook: Likes, Shares, Comments, Follows
  • Twitter: Retweets, Follows
  • Instagram: Likes, Follows

Shares and likes tend to tell you about the popularity of a given post, comments highlight your post’s ability to gain a reaction, and follows best indicate interest and investment in your content as a whole! An important thing to remember, however, is that shares and comments can be both positive and negative! This is where your audience engagement is important so you can adjust and react accordingly and quickly.


Best Ways to Engage Users

Post Daily

A good way to stay relevant in your followers’ feeds and fresh in their minds is to post at least once per day!  The key is to make your content engaging and appealing so that you aren’t wasting time creating and posting content that people are going to simply scroll past on their feeds. Generally, unless you’re in the middle of a large event or giveaway contest, posting 1-3 times per day is enough to stay relevant and interesting! Any more than that and your followers are likely to feel spammed and bored.  Remember that kid who posted everything from brushing his teeth to eating breakfast to which song was on the radio? Don’t be that kid.


Use Images

Studies show that posts with images draw nearly 80% more engagement than text posts!  Again, this doesn’t mean throw any old image into a post and watch your page jet to the top.  Your images should be high quality, clear, relevant, and engaging (check out this post for tips on taking pictures your followers will want to see).  Images are a great way for you to insert your own style and voice that will make your page stand apart from the thousands of other pages similar to yours on the same platform.  Don’t be afraid to be in your own photos!


Be Personal

The thing most people love about social media is that it helps them stay connected to other people.  The same way you don’t watch TV for the commercials, your followers don’t follow your page to see ads all of the time.  Chances are, they know you or they followed your page because they love your voice!  Don’t lose the human aspect of social media by burying yourself in ads.  Try posting pictures of you using the products in your everyday life, showcasing how your other clients use their products or posting about the lifestyle that surrounds your products!


Use Hashtags, Mentions, and Tags.


While Facebook doesn’t necessarily utilize the hashtag trend, Instagram and Twitter are almost completely organized by their use of hashtags.  The best way to use them is to include the most popular hashtags your brand, your product’s category, and on trending that day.  Using your brand’s hashtag helps connect you with the brand.  You get more credibility and visibility when people are curious and searching for exactly what you’re selling.  Category hashtags help make you searchable for those who are interested but not be aware of your brand. Finally, the trending hashtags help to keep your content relevant to the topics people around the world are talking about that day!

Mentions and Tags: 

Mentions and tags are often confused with hashtags, but they are very different!  You mention someone in the text or comment of a status/image by using “@” before typing another user’s handle (the name they use on that specific social media platform).  Tags, on the other hand, are done when you click on the picture and type that user’s handle into the “tags” option of the image itself.

What’s the difference when it comes to getting noticed?  You easily lose mentions in the rush of notifications, comments, and other mentions in a post. Tags tend to be harder to miss as most platforms have a separate section set aside specifically for them!  Do you want to get noticed?  Tag them in the post instead of mentioning them!


Do you have any tips for engaging your social media followers? Tell us in the comments below!


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