Social Media Monday: Repost Etiquette

In a world of constantly changing algorithms, auto-reposts, and Instagram bots – it’s easy to accidentally step on a few digital toes when you’re creating your social media pages. Don’t worry – we’ve rounded up our repost etiquette tips for reposting legally and politely to help keep you on the right track in this week’s Social Media Monday!

repost etiquette

1. Tag the Original Creator

This one’s easy. Simply give credit where credit is due! Someone spent valuable time and resources composing, shooting, and editing the image you’re loving in your feed. When you’re taking and reposting that photo without giving them credit, you’re taking credit for all of the time and effort spent on the image!

When reposting, it’s best to tag the creator in the caption and the image because

  • Instagram caps the number of notifications you can view in a day, it’s easy for your caption tag to get lost in someone’s notifications feed. When you tag the creator’s account in the caption as well as the photo itself, they won’t miss it!
  • When you caption them in the photo, they’re more likely to be noticed by your followers! Since gaining followers is one of the perks of being reposted, the creator is not going to be happy when they see you’ve taken that from them.

Simply put – if it isn’t your picture, don’t take credit for it. Just tag them in the photo and include a simple camera emoji followed by their handle (📷: @tlsweightloss).


Note: Sometimes, other accounts will repost and not tag the original. If you see an image more than once, make sure you’re checking to see if you shared and credited the original source!


2. Engage with the Original

Chances are that you want to share the photo because it caught your eye and/or had relevant, engaging content that made you stop scrolling. You want others to see that on your page so you can generate that engagement for yourself, right?

Go ahead – share the photo and enjoy the likes on your account, but don’t forget to engage with the original post first! The creator shared the image for the same reasons you’d like to, and it’s only fair (and polite!) that you give the original post the same appreciation you would like your repost to receive.


3. When In Doubt, Ask for Permission

Many of us are unfamiliar with intellectual property law, and that can lead to trouble if you aren’t careful whose account you’re reposting from. Plagiarism is plagiarism, whether you meant to do it or not! Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid. Just make sure you check the platform’s rules on ownership of content, guidelines for reposting from any official brand pages, and always reach out to ask through a comment or DM if you aren’t quite sure!


What are your biggest questions when it comes to reposting on social media?
Tell us in the comments below!

Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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