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Soothe Sensitive Skin Naturally

Dealing with red, sensitive, dry and flaky skin can be a nightmare, especially in the winter months. We’re here to help with a list of simple solutions that don’t require anything other than willpower and a bit of common sense. Read along to discover various ways to sooth your sensitive skin, naturally!

1. Stay Away From Hot Water

Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. This begins the cycle of dryness. Try to use lukewarm water most of the time. (Aside from this, hot water opens your pores up to potential debris.)

2. Take Shorter Showers

If you stand under the shower for long periods of time, again, you’re stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Wash your face last, and apply toner and moisturizer immediately after getting out.

3. Ease Up On Using Bars of Soap

After using a bar of soap, do you automatically feel like you need some lotion or cream? It’s because the majority of soap bars are very dehydrating. For sensitive skin, use cleansing formulas that contain both soap and moisturizers or soap-free cleansers that have nourishing and natural ingredients, including essential oils.


Aging, inflammation, redness… who needs it? Sun damage is the number one factor in all of these skin problems. Protect the skin you’re in with sunscreen containing zinc oxide, hats and sunglasses. Same goes for the cold winter conditions… protect your skin with gloves and a scarf.

5. Be Careful

Use a bit of TLC on your sensitive skin! It’s advisable to stay away from harsh brushes, loofahs and scrubs. Cleanse and moisturize your skin tenderly, using only non-irritating products for a gentle pick-me-up.

6. Beware of Chemicals

Make sure to read the labels on your skincare and personal products. It’s absolutely essential to avoid harsh chemicals. Also, remember to read the labels on your everyday laundry products. It’s important because many are skin irritants.

7. Forget Fragrances

We know that a scent can uplift your spirits, but a lot of these perfumes are skin irritants. Some have even been linked with causing allergic reactions and redness. If you must, reach for essential oils that can be used topically.

8. Limit Your Products

If your normal skincare routine includes a veritable plethora of products, you may want to consider cutting back. If you can go without makeup on certain days, even better! Not an option? Skip your bronzer or another makeup step. It’s easy to reduce your makeup routine if it means helping your skin recoup.

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Kathryn Jacobs

Kathryn Jacobs


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