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4 Reasons You Need This Holiday Look

Holiday season is about to be in full swing which means attending a LOT of parties, and South Moon Under has a look that’s too good to pass up. After we tried it out, we just had to share it! These are 4 reasons you need this holiday look from our trending Partner Store.

1. The sweater dress is cozy, classy, & comfy!

Comfort is key, especially at a party! The last thing you want to be worrying about is tugging down the hem of a dress or stepping out too realize that you traded “warm” for “cute” thanks to cheap fabric. Thankfully, the material in this sweater dress is stretchy, cozy, and so very comfy. No tugging or *subtle* itching because of scratchy fabric!

The shape of the dress is also stunning. Sweater dresses can easily look clunky and unflattering, but the subtle shape in this silhouette gives it a little more of a feminine touch.


Bonus: It’s also loose enough to layer over leggings if you’re someone who needs a little extra protection against the cold, making it perfect for winter wherever you are!


2. You can walk miles in these heels

Seriously. We tried it.

Not that you’ll be walking miles at your Friendsgiving but, if you’re going to drop money on a solid pair of heels, you shouldn’t be hopping from one sore heeled foot to the other halfway through the night. We’re loving the block heel, too, especially with icy pavement on the horizon!

Whether you’re pairing it with this dress for a holiday party or making a statement at your Christmas family get-together, these are the pain-free, snake skin booties your wardrobe has been begging you for.

Pro-Tip: Size up if you’ll be wearing these with socks or thick leggings! They’re definitely a bit snug but should relax a bit as you wear into them.


3. These pieces won’t break the bank!

There’s not a whole lot of wiggle room in our budgets this time of year on top of presents and travel, and warm, comfortable, and affordable is hard to find in one easy go! That’s what makes this sweater dress & bootie combo utterly perfect. South Moon Under definitely found a sweet spot with these pieces.

With both items just around $100 (make sure to keep an eye out for holiday deals!) you’ll get quality staples without dreading the number at checkout.



4. Every single detail is on-trend

Oh, yes – those Bardot sleeves and that snakeskin print? Those are everywhere this season.

Trends can feel impossible to keep up with, but these pieces are just the right balance of classic & trending! Our favorite part is that they’re on-trend without being overwhelming.

The neutral tone of the snake print booties makes it easy to pair with everything from this sweater dress to your favorite workwear without feeling like you stepped out of a safari; the eyelash detail on the dress adds just the right amount of texture without being distracting; and the Bardot sleeves are a great way to dip your toe into the puffed sleeve trend that’s taking over this winter.

Together or separate, you’ll be able to wear these pieces again and again.

Trust us, you’ll want to.


Head over to South Moon Under on SHOP.COM
to grab these items & score a little Cashback!


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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn