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Spring 2019 Makeup Trends

Just like fashion makeup goes through trends each season. Hear about the spring 2019 makeup trends and how you can leverage these styles to help sell our new Thrill Me Collection to your customers.

Bold Eyeliner

You have already seen this trend on our Motives social media pages, bold and vibrant eyeliner is in this spring! Rock this trend with our two new blue Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliner or shop our classic Motives Eyeliners

Monochromatic Makeup

Maintaining a makeup theme is a thing! Rather than figure out which shades will complement one another, simply stick with one or two tones that are similar. Go for pink or peach pastels that feel like spring, and work that color into your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Try our pink lip from the Thrill Me Palette on your cheeks and lips.

Golden Glow

Looking like a golden goddess is nothing new when it comes to spring, but still just as relevant as ever. Share your new Thrill Me Palette with yoru customers is has a beatiful copper and rose gold shadow that will give them the first golden spring look.

Pretty In Pink

Play up your pink lip or rosy pink cheeks this spring. Follow the monogchromatic trend and even try a pink eye look.

Clean Skin

The just got back from getting a facial look is in this spring. Keep your face makeup light and natural for a fresh spring look. Be sure you are regularly using your Lumière De Vie skincare routine for flaweless looking skin.


Airy Lashes

Don’t worry ladies lashes are still in, but put down the heavy strips of fake lashes and opt for a coat of mascara. Spring is all about airy flirty lashes.

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Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher