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Spring Into Spring with These Must-Have Energy Boosters!

Whether you spend time hitting the pavement, swimming laps in the pool, or just chasing your kids around during the day, spring weather means there are more opportunities to get moving! The right supplements can help take your endurance and performance to the next level and, thankfully, you’ve got the best on the market right at your fingertips. Here’s our list of the top 7  products you need to spring into spring feeling better than ever!

Isotonix Essentials™ Turn Up



Whether it is 10 a.m. or 2 p.m., get energized, stay focused and keep sharp with Isotonix Essentials™ Turn Up!* Not only does one packet supply enough energy to get you through that midday crash but it also provides strong antioxidant protection, improve mental focus, and promotes cognitive health and normal regulation of enzymes and hormones! Just stash a packet in your gym bag or desk, then mix, and drink!


Awake® Energy Shot



Awake® Energy Shot gives the perfect amount of caffeine to give you that boost to get through those last reps or the last few hours of the day! Formulated with caffeine, B vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients to provide the long-lasting physical and mental energy, the great tasting orange and grape flavors are the perfect daily pick-me-ups with zero calories and zero sugars. It’s non-carbonated and requires no refrigeration so you can drink it anytime you need a quick boost!


Isotonix® Acai Advanced Energy


One capful of this great-tasting acai formula offers a proprietary blend mangosteen, and extracts such as açai, guarana, and green tea to create a balanced formula that increases energy, supports immune functions, promotes cognitive health and supports weight control! What truly sets this isotonic-capable supplement apart from most energy drinks on the market is the antioxidant properties it provides. Filled with antioxidant-laden ingredients like mangosteen and pomegranate, Isotonix Açai is an asset to daily dietary supplementation, this supplement helps the body stay energized and active while providing sound antioxidant protection.


Isotonix® Activated B Complex



Isotonix Activated B-Complex sits pretty safely in our top 10 customer favorites, and it’s no secret why! The isotonic-capable delivery coupled with nutrients provided in metabolically active forms creates a powerful formula that allows your body to work smarter rather than harder when utilizing its ingredients!

By utilizing both the activated form of these vitamins, as well as the superior Isotonix delivery system, Isotonix Activated B-complex supports your body’s absorption and immediate use of beneficial ingredients so you get the energy you need, right when you need it!





Sitting in the top 20 customer favorites list is our favorite morning cup of joe 2.0 – Mochatonix! This nutritionally balanced drink provides key nutrients for optimal health on top of the pleasant boost of energy and increased metabolism! MochaTonix’s advanced formula features patented ingredient Advantra Z® to help burn fat and increase physical performance.  In addition to the body’s dramatic boost, MochaTonix is also a potent mental enhancer, aiding in the synthesis of noradrenaline to increase alertness, concentration, and clarity.  From Ginkgo biloba to Advantra Z and B-vitamins, MochaTonix will heighten your energy, alertness, and endurance. as you enjoy the natural ingredients and wide range of benefits.


TLS® Thermochrome with Advantra Z®

Advantra Z® makes another appearance in our favorite energy-boosting TLS® product, Thermochrome! This product combines the proven sciences of lipolysis and thermogenesis to support increased energy levels and weight loss using only the highest quality ingredients including green tea extract, guarana seed, chromium and Advantra Z.  It can help the body burn through fat and maintain healthy blood sugar levels while giving you the edge you need to hit the after (or before) a long day!



Which Market America products are you using to boost your energy levels for spring?
Tell us in the comments below!




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn