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Spring Into Action with TLS

Spring is here and what better way to make the most of it than starting fresh with TLS Weight Loss Solution. Kicking off on Monday, April 19th, TLS is hosting a 7-week program: Spring into Action. This exclusive group will lead you, your customers and friends through 1 of 3 programs and provide resources for education, motivation and success.

How to Join

Purchase one of the (3) kits:

1. Spring Into It: 30-Day Jump-Start Kit

What: NutriClean 7-Day Cleansing System, TLS Core, Isotonix Daily Essentials, (2) tubs TLS Nutrition Shake, Chocolate & Vanilla and the Jump Start Booklet and Tracking Sheet.

Who: This program is for those who have not recently gone through the 30-Day Program or are looking to start with the TLS lifestyle for the first time. This program includes a 7-Day Detox.

2. Spring Energy: Stay Fit Kit + Thermochrome V6

What: (2) tubs of TLS Nutrition Shake, Isotonix Daily Essentials, Trim Tea + the beloved Thermochrome V6.

Who: This program is great for those who want to re-energize and get back on track with the Stay Fit Kit and our revamped Thermochrome V6 for fueling energy and weight loss support.

3. Spring Serenity: Stay Fit Kit + TLS ACTS

What: (2) tubs of TLS Nutrition Shake, Isotonix Daily Essentials, Trim Tea + TLS ACTS.

Who: This program is for the one who is looking to maintain weight, or get back to a better routine while also balancing hormones and adrenal functions with TLS ACTS for Adrenal, Cortisol, Thyroid & Stress Support.


Be sure to order your products ASAP or by April 9th at the latest to ensure delivery by our start date. Once you receive your order number, you’ll be able to request access to join the private Facebook group hosted by the TLS experts: TLS Spring Into Action. Click here to find and request access to this exclusive group. You will be asked a few questions, one of which will include you provide your order number.

Ready to join TLS and learn more? TLS is hosting 2 LIVE overviews to learn more about the products and the 7-week program.

Click here to register for the TLS Overview on Wednesday, April 7th at 8:00pm EST.

Click here to register for the TLS Overview on Thursday, April 8th at 8:00pm EST.


Ready to spring into action? Let us know in the comments which program you’ll be following to take on Spring feeling refreshed. Your summer self will thank you.

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard