Spring Makeup Trends With Motives

Who is ready to have fun with their makeup this spring? Spring is all about keeping things fresh and colorful. Today we are sharing 5 fun spring makeup trends that everyone should try!

1. Upside-Down Liner

This spring we are flipping things around and showing our lower lash line some love. Try using a colorful liner on the bottom or a quick and easy look. If you want to go all out look at Ely Marino’s inspiring eye look where she smokes out her lower lash line with bright spring colors.

2. Inner Circle Of Eye

You might often overlook your inner eye when doing your makeup, but adding a little shimmer or color can completely transform a look. For everyday, try adding a touch of your favorite highlight to bring extra light to your eyes. Or go all out with your look by adding a fun pop of color!

3. Metallics

We have already shared before how on trend metallics are in the makeup industry this year, but they are so important we feel the need to mention again. With our new Metallic Paints you can instantly elevate any look by adding this fun metallic look to your lips, or eyes. This is a trend that will live on long past spring, so start embracing it now.

4. Sunshine Yellow

Previously not the most popular color in the makeup field, but yellow is quickly taking over for spring. Bold golden yellow eye looks took over the stage during Spring Fashion Week. Get excited to try out this new trend with our Bloom Palette coming in April.


5. Less Is More

Embrace your natural beauty this spring. This spring skin is in. Hold off on heavy contouring and fun coverage foundations. By no means are we saying that makeup is not in for spring. This spring is all about using makeup to enhance your natural beauty, apposed to covering it up.


Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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