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10 Steps to Start a Garden at Home

Spring is the perfect time to take on your next gardening project! Need a little help with your green thumb? We’ve dug up a couple foolproof tips to help you start a garden. Whether you are new to gardening or looking for an easy way to teach your kids, we’ve got you covered!




New to gardening? Start with these 10 easy steps from Better Homes & Gardens and plant the perfect spring Garden: 

1. Get an idea

2. Pick a place

3. Clear the ground

4. Improve the soil

5. Dig or don’t

6. Pick your plants

7. Put them in the ground

8. Water

9. Mulch

10. Keep it up



Now that you can easily start your own garden, be sure that your lawn matches the beauty you’ve just created.  GlobalCare is a line of natural, environmentally-friendly products formulated with biological accelerators called enzymes, instead of caustic chemicals. Unlike other lawn care products, GlobalCare is pet safe, kid safe, and Earth safe!

GlobalCare™ Lawn Power:

Lawn Power helps loosen the soil, making vital nutrients and trace elements available to the grass root system, allowing healthier development of the root system. Lawns treated with specific concentrations of Lawn Power formula display an increase in healthy lawn growth without the need for adding other chemical products such as fertilizers.

GlobalCare™ Plant Power:

GlobalCare Plant Power is not a fertilizer or a plant nutrient. Rather, its unique enzyme formula reacts with soil organic matter to release and activate the many nutrients in the soil. The safe, non-toxic concentrated solution of naturally fermented enzymes help loosen the soil, making nutrients available to the plant root system.

Make sure you have the right tools and decor and get your garden on!

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April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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