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Start Your 2021 Skincare Journey

Every new year, we create resolutions to nurture our good habits and leave all bad habits behind. It’s the perfect excuse for a fresh start and a great time to get serious when it comes to your skincare routine. Encourage your customers to restart their #28DaysofSkin Challenge. We all deserve to be consistent with our skincare and see results! It’s important to remember that we all have different skin types and sensitivities and to listen to your skin. Choose the right products for you. 

Let’s start your 2021 skincare journey!

Remove your makeup.

If you leave your makeup on while sleeping, you’re damaging your skin. While you sleep, your skin regenerates. And if you have makeup on, it prevents your skin from regenerating which causes signs of aging. An easy way to make sure you remove your makeup well is using makeup remover towelettes or micellar water. The Motives Makeup Remover Towelettes  removes surface impurities to leave you feeling fresh without any sticky residue left behind, so there is no need to rinse. Lumière de Vie’s Micellar Cleanser gently removes makeup and purifies skin with no need to rinse or scrub and is great for all skin types. Do this extra step before using your favorite cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. 


Use the correct cleanser for your skin.

Your cleanser is the first product you are using on your skin every day, TWICE a day. It sets the tone for the rest of your skincare routine. Don’t be hesitant to get to know your customers. Ask them what their usual skin type is or how their skin fluctuates throughout the day. There are products that are all-skin-types friendly, which are the Lumière de Vie Facial Cleanser and the Lumière de Vie Hommes Cleansing Gel. The Hommes Cleansing Gel is also great to use as a shaving gel! Now, if you are dealing with more normal-to-dry, mature skin, or dealing with an uneven complexion, the Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Facial Cleanser is great for you. For acne-prone skin, you want to be very careful with the products you use. You want to cleanse all that dirt and bacteria, but you don’t want to over irritate the skin. If you do, it will cause more redness and inflammation. The Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion is formulated with gentle, natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile extract and lavender extract, calming the skin while deeply cleansing.


Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Another important part of your skincare routine for achieving healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliating helps remove the barrier of dead skin cells so that moisturizing products can penetrate deeply into the skin, which makes all the other products in your routine more effective. An easy way to gently exfoliate daily is using a loofah in the shower. For your face, the Timeless Prescription Facial Exfoliating Cleanser and the new Lumière de Vie Hommes Exfoliating Face Scrub are great for all skin types. For your body, the Royal Spa’s Foaming Brown Sugar Body Scrub features the exfoliating elements of brown sugar crystals and walnut shell powder, and moisture preserving humectants. Pair these with your favorite moisturizer and your skin is going to feel baby smooth. 


Tone after cleansing your skin.

Proper pH balance is essential for your skin to perform its primary function as a barrier. Under normal conditions, the surface of human skin is acidic with a pH ~5. This low pH value is maintained in several different ways, including through the production of free fatty acids during cell maturation, and secretion of fatty acids and lactic acid in sweat. This acidic pH helps to protect the skin against micro-organisms and to maintain the skin’s natural barrier function. The new Lumiere de Vie Hommes Refreshing Toner Pads makes it so simple and easy. There are 60 in a jar, one for the morning and one for the evening. If you prefer to spray on your toner, there is the Lumiere de Vie Toner. Other spray toners that are great are the Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Toner and Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer, all great for all skin types. If you have more sensitive skin, the Timeless Prescription® MDI Firming Activator helps soothe any irritation and promotes hydration.


Hydrate inside and out.

Speaking of moisturizer, it’s important to moisturize twice a day in addition to drinking lots of water. Staying hydrated helps all of our organs function efficiently. Knowing that our skin is our largest organ, moisturizers are a great way to hydrate our skin topically. Some all-skin-types friendly moisturizers are the Timeless Prescription Face Firming Moisturizer with MDI Complex, Lumière de Vie’s Intense Rejuvenation Crème, and for your body, the Lumière de Vie Intensive Hand & Body Crème. For those of you who have more sensitive skin or fall into the normal to oily skin type category, the Skintelligence Daily Moisture Enhancer ideal for you.


Vitamins should go on your skin too.

Taking enough vitamins can promote healthy looking, youthful skin. This could reduce dark spots, redness, wrinkles, rough patches, and excessive dryness. Some vitamin topicals are the Lumière de Vie Brightening C-Serum, VitaShield Vitamin C & E Intensive Moisturizer, and the Lumière de Vie Retinol Crème. All great for brightening your complexion and reducing signs of aging. 


Mask weekly.

To give your skin a boost, it’s recommended to do a facial mask once a week. When your skin needs a little detox, use either the Lumière de Vie® Volcanic Exfoliating Mask or Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque. It’s great for all skin types and helps when your skin is feeling dull. Another type of mask you can add into your routine are sheet masks. They are so easy to use and very powerful. Makes you feel like you’re having a mini-facial. If you have normal to dry, mature and uneven skin, the Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Lifting Facial Masque is for you. There is also the  Lumière de Vie Moisture Intense Facial Masque, which is great for all skin types. The Moisture Intense Facial Masque is such a powerful sheet mask that it only needs to be used two times a month. It is recommended to alternate it with the other masks you have in your skincare cabinet.


Wear SPF always.

The sun is so important for our overall health, but it is damaging to the skin. Not only can it burn the skin, it can accelerate signs of aging. You must use sunscreen daily, even if you are indoors. The Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Day Creme SPF 20 is a great makeup base. The Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 has several shades from light to tan and has an exclusive multi-mineral complex that helps protect skin. For stronger protection, the Lumière de Vie Daily Brightening Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is lightweight and helps with evening skin tone. It not only protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but it helps brighten your complexion. This is great for those who are dealing with hyperpigmentation, whether hormonal or because of sun damage.

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Christine Cabreja


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