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Are you looking for information to share with your customers? Or maybe information to further your knowledge? Or maybe you like to be informed of the newest contests, promotions, SHOP.COM seasonal trends, or even the latest health research. We have a blog for that! That’s right, we have a blog for virtually everything that UnFranchise Owners may need to grow their business or help boost sales with their customers. While it may seem we just love to blog and like to see our writing on the internet (both true, of course) each one of our corporate blogs serves its own unique purpose. Read on to find out how each of our corporate blogs fit your needs as an UnFranchise Owner.

UnFranchise Blog

The UnFranchise blog is the one-stop-shop for all corporate news, product highlights, social media tips, announcements, events, business building tips and more. Every post on the UnFranchise blog is completely tailored to help you, the UnFranchise Owner, grow your business. For daily updates, subscribe to the UnFranchise blog!

Loren’s World

Loren Ridinger’s blog is a fun look at a variety of topics that interests Loren. At first glance, Loren Ridinger may appear to be the strong Senior Executive Vice President of Market America but Loren is also a wife, a mother, sister, friend, and a true inspiration to so many women and entrepreneurs. This makes us love her blog even more! From celebrity news, charity events, trending fashion,  business advice, to her favorite Market America products, we find ourselves checking Loren’s blog multiple times a day for the latest post.

Being JR Ridinger

As you would imagine, JR Ridinger’s blog is full of crucial, business building information. JR’s blog is a glimpse into the mind of the man behind Market America and the Shopping Annuity. Not only does JR feature event information and the latest news of the economy, he also highlights the success of the field. JR is constantly checking social media to see how UnFranchise Owners are utilizing tools and trainings to grow their business and often he will share your posts on his blog!

Let’s Talk Shopping Annuity

If it’s related to the Shopping Annuity, you can find it on the Shopping Annuity blog! From ways to fund your Shopping Annuity on date night, to tips from Shopping Annuity Master Members, to leveraging the Shopping Annuity in the world around you. This blog will help you truly grasp the concept and practice of the Shopping Annuity.

WCO News

The WebCenter blog is a hub for all information regarding maWebCenters. From current promotions and contests to upcoming webinars and more, this blog has all the information that WebCenter Owners need to grow their business.

TLS Blog

The TLS blog is one you definitely don’t want to forget about! The TLS blog isn’t a product-centered spot, instead, it offers delicious, unique TLS-approved recipes, fitness tips, a monthly workout playlist, research studies, and tips for living an overall healthier lifestyle. What better way to gain new customers than providing them with resources that can help them reach their personal weight loss goals!? The key is to share your favorite TLS blog post on your own social media channels and offer your assistance to match individuals with a plan that fits their unique needs.

Explore Supplements


The Explore Supplements blog features posts written by our expert internal team of doctors, scientists, and researchers. Due to the nature of this blog, we steer clear of product-focused posts and focus on the science behind ingredients and current research. This is a great source of information to provide health-conscious customers.


Which blogs do you follow regularly and find helpful in building your business? Let us know in the comments below! 

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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