Stay on Track {and Organized} in 2018

If you’re like us, “Get Organized” has topped your New Year’s Resolution list for the past five (who are we kidding, it’s probably more) years running. Every year we dream big, planning to live in a highly organized and on track household, but by February first the calendar fell off the wall, the desk area is a mess and mud room looks like something post-war. While we always have the best of intentions when we enter a New Year, life eventually takes over and often derails us.

We want to do everything we can to help you stay on track this time. And while we can’t make any promises, we think that adding these items to your home routine will alleviate some of the clutter. Check them out: 

Wall Calendar: The nucleus of your home. A good family calendar is crucial to an organized year. You don’t want to schedule book club the same night as little Johnnys little league game and cause a total family melt-down! For some, a large wall calendar is best, for others, a planner for their handbag or a desk calendar new their computer makes for easy access. Determine what works best for your family style and grab a calendar today. Step 1 to staying organized!

Desk Organization: Does your family have a space in the house that handles all of the managerial aspects of family life? If you have an office or a kitchen desk space, it is important to keep that area clean and organized. 

Closet Organization: Oh boy…the closet. Something about this magic space, things just go to die. How many socks or belts or wallets have you lost in your overflowing closet? Tackle that space with some of these organizational tools and techniques.

Pantry Organization: Of all the places in your home, the pantry probably sees the most action. Whether is a late night snack or a dinner party, you are most likely in your pantry dozens of times a day. Cut down the stress of this cluttered area with these organizational must-haves.


Don’t forget to take a moment and pat yourself on the back for each drawer you organize, each pile you pare down, and each bag you take out to recycle, toss or donate. Make sure that you allow yourself time to celebrate the little wins with small rewards each month you stick to your plan.



Kaitlyn Ivancic

Kaitlyn Ivancic

Director of Consumer Marketing for SHOP.COM

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