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Guest Post by Sarah Rose Stack, Director of Business Integration

We’ve often been told to enjoy the journey, but what if your journey needs a little navigation? The journey is where the joy, the growing pains, and the learning occurs. When we set a goal for ourselves, it is important to remember that all of the moments leading to the end-goal are valuable. Equally important to your long-term goals are the in-between goals that are set to help you climb the staircase to success. In order to reach that big goal you have set for yourself, you must break it down into bite-size pieces and enjoy the journey along the way.

Each year, at local seminars, Regional Conventions, World Conference, International Convention, and other major events, the company puts out Challenges for UnFranchise Owners to strive for, which are essentially a GPS to success.  Each University Major including Motives, maWebCenters, TLS, NutraMetrix and Conquer publish Challenges which are designed to help you build your business through that retail specialty, build an organization, attend events with guests and create a successful UnFranchise Business. The Chairman’s Challenge is the ultimate one which has an even higher standard of excellence as it relates to business building.  Why is it important to go for the challenges? It’s simple.  The Challenges lay out a simple, duplicatable plan (roadmap) for you to follow from event to event to keep you focused on the results-producing activities.  They represent the “bite-size pieces” of bigger goals which need to be taken on your way to the top. 

Top Five Secrets to Going for The Challenge:

  1. Print the Challenge out and keep it in a visible location.  All challenges for the major events can be located by logging into> Help & Training> Support Materials> Events> Challenges.  By printing out your challenge, you can fill in pieces as you satisfy different criteria.  It becomes “gamified” and addicting to fill in the blanks.  With that paper at the forefront of your day, you are more likely to do the work.

  2. Progress over Perfection.  Even if you do not achieve the Challenge, progress can still be a positive side-effect.  Many UnFranchise Owners print challenges and use them as simple targets to stay on track for all areas of business building.  Achieving the challenge is wonderful, but so is making progress and improving.  Be sure to congratulate yourself for those successes as well. 

  3. State your intention.  It has been proven that goals become statistically more likely to be achieved when they are written down.  Therefore, write your intention to go for the challenge. If you want to up the odds even more, tell others that you are going for the Challenge.  When you tell others your intentions, you are statistically more likely to achieve your goal. 

  4. Go for Challenges with your Organization. The only thing better than achieving a challenge is achieving a Challenge with members of your organization.  Lead by example and go for the challenge yourself but remember to encourage your group to go for it as well so that you can create leverage and more momentum for everyone. 
  5. Do it Now.  Don’t wait for the next challenge to be announced, for Monday or for the “right time”.  Timing is irrelevant.  Go to and download the Challenge that you will go for today.  Write your intentions, state your intentions, go for it with a partner and start right away. 

Remember, success is in the journey.  Enjoy the process, have fun and see you at the Challenge Reception. 

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Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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