Summer Road Trip Essentials from the Social Media Team

It’s summertime and the beautiful weather and glistening highways are calling your name! We’ve put together a list of road trip essentials, so you can be ready with everything you’ll need for the adventure of a lifetime! 

A Comfortable Outfit
Dress comfortable and wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. This way, you’ll be able to wiggle your feet in the car and slip your footwear back when you stop for a break. It would be good to bring a sweater or jacket, too, in case temperature changes at night.

Bringing snacks on a toad trip is very essential. We suggest packing all your snacks into smaller bags. This way, you can store some away for later during the way and don’t risk running out of snacks before you even hit the high way. Pack healthy snacks like fruit, pretzels and granola bars as well as a few fun treats.

Whether it’s an app on your smart phone or an actual GPS in your car, knowing exactly where you are and which roads you should take is one of the best ways to make sure you stay on track.

Neck Pillow
After spending hours in the car, your sleeping schedule and neck will start to hurt. A great neck pillow can help you sleep in the car while also making sure that your neck doesn’t swing back and forth.

You’ll make tons of memories on the road. Keep a camera handy to capture those moments, whether it’s a beautiful sunset over a lake, a humorous sign posted near a country store, or your traveling companion’s crazy road trip hair.

For more inspiration on road trip essentials and some handy websites, check out our Pinterest road trip board!

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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