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Product Spotlight: New Super IBV Products

The Super IBV product line was created to reward UnFranchise® Owners with more IBV on certain consumable products. Since these products are used daily, Market America wanted allow UFOs to earn higher IBV commissions for everyday spending.

Super IBV products are select generic and third-party products (voted by UFOs) that are less expensive than name brands but offer similar quality. These products have significantly more IBV, which will help convert spending into earning and fund your Shopping Annuity®.

We would like to announce that three new products have been added to the Super IBV line and are available for purchase. They are Coralite Premium Cotton Swabs, Coralite Adhesive Deluxe Bandages, and Iodent Complete Clean Soft Toothbrush.

With the end of the quarter only a week away, now is a great time to raise your IBV pin levels. These Super IBV products may be the difference and final push you need to make Master UFO and SAMM status. Shop for these products on!

Coralite Premium Cotton Swabs

Code 2716IBV | UC: $3.25 | IBV: 1.5

Coralite Premium Cotton Swabs are ideal for cosmetic use, baby care, and first aid. The cotton swabs are safe, soft and absorbent. The cotton swabs deliver in assorted colors,Easy Opening

Instructions: A. Press in top center. B. Lift and peel back along perforation. C. To close, return cover to original position. Safe way to clean ears:Hold the cotton swab firmly and use soft, gentle strokes around the outer surfaces of the ear.

Coralite Adhesive Deluxe Bandage

Code 2717IBV | UC: $3.25 | IBV: 2

Special 100 count family pack of all-purpose bandage strips that provide long lasting protection for the entire family. DIRECTIONS: For use on minor cuts, scrapes and burns. For best results, apply bandage to clean, dry skin. Change bandage daily or when pad becomes wet.

Iodent Complete Clean Soft Toothbrush

Code 2718IBV | UC: $3.25 | IBV: 2

Iodent Complete Clean Soft Toothbrushes are perfect for your family. The brushes have tapered bristles for superior plaque removal, and are soft enough for gentle cleaning. Each brush has a flexible, easy grip handle, and fun bright assorted colors.

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