Super IBV Products: The Game Changer For The MPCP

At MAWC2019, Marc Ashley introduced Super IBV products. Super IBV products are select generic and third-party products that are less expensive than name brands but offer similar quality. The kicker is that these products over significant IBV with values ranging from 40% – 50% IBV! These Super IBV products can be purchased on

The corporate and executive sales teams are working to build an “IBV Machine” for UnFranchise® Owners. The goal is for UFOs earn more IBV from through the thousands of Partner Stores which in turn, can help make them more money through the IBV compensation plan. Now, Super IBV is a new way for UFOs to convert spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity®. It is game changer for the MPCP.

Below are the featured Super IBV products. Check back on as more products are added in the coming weeks.

Extra Strength Pain Reliever

Code: 2701IBV | UC: $3.99 | 50% IBV

Allergy Relief

Code: 2703IBV | UC: $4.99 | 60% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Whitening Mouthwash

Code: 2704IBV | UC: $7.99 | 37.5% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Breath Freshener Spray

Code: 2706IBV | UC: $5.99 | 33% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Kids Mouth Spray

Code: 2705IBV | UC: $7.99 | 37.5% IBV

Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen

Code: 2708IBV | UC: $29.95 | 40% IBV

Dr. Brite Natural Kids Toothpaste with Vitamin C

Code: 2707IBV | UC: $7.99 | 37.5% IBV




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