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As January winds down and the new year begins to take shape, it’s a great time to check in with your customers to see how they are doing with their New Year’s resolutions. While most people have the best intentions when setting goals for the new year, statistics show that most will not stick past a few weeks. That’s why it’s important for UnFranchise® Owners to lend support and assistance during this season of goal setting. Your customers need you now more than ever!

Why checking in with your customers matters

Checking in with your customers can go a long way toward building positive relationships and fostering customer loyalty. It shows that you care about where your customers are and are invested in helping them achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. This can also be an opportunity for you to share how your products and services can help them reach their goals. From TLS® Weight Loss Solution supplements and meal plans to our incredible Health & Nutrition products, there is no shortage of solutions that can help individuals on their journey toward their health and wellness goals. If their goals include generating additional income for their family or saving money on items they already purchase for their home, the UnFranchise Business can help them with those goals as well.

Your business can help make 2023 successful

The start of 2023 is an ideal time to introduce your customers to new products and services that may benefit them as part of their goal-setting journey. Content marketing is one way you can do this, by creating blog posts, social media posts and other pieces of content highlighting the various ways our products and services can help people stay on track with their goals. Include helpful tips, tricks and advice from experts in the field, so people know they’re getting reliable information from a reliable source. Remember to include links to your website along with information about any special offers or coupon codes you have activated on By utilizing the UnFranchise Marketing App to reach out to customers with your content, you can track the results of your efforts and monitor when your customers click on the links you sent and follow up with them appropriately.

Reaching out to your customers during this time has many benefits: It helps strengthen customer relationships while giving them access to quality resources they may not have known existed otherwise. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to showcase all the amazing products and services your business has available. So, reach out today and let your customers know you’re here if they need extra support reaching their New Year’s resolutions this year!

By Brandi Murphy, Director of nutraMetrix®

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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