Talking In Themes With Dennis Franks And Jim Winkler

Recruiting is one of the most difficult aspects of building an UnFranchise® Business because it forces people to leave their comfort zone and start a conversation. For some, communicating with strangers comes very naturally. For others, it’s nerve-racking and uncomfortable.

One way to combat the awkwardness of starting a conversation is to talk in themes. Talking in themes is an important notion that compares ideas together in order to relate foreign concepts to familiar topics. This makes it easier to conduct conversational marketing and in your case, describe Market America, the UnFranchise Business, and Shopping Annuity.

If you talk to a new prospect, how might you use themes to start a conversation? For example, if you are explaining the basis of Market America, you might compare a Franchise Business vs. an UnFranchise Business. Everyone knows what a franchise is because people shop at and travel to these establishments almost every day and understand how they work. However, with an UnFranchise Business, there is no physical building or high cost to purchase a franchise despite having a similar system and tools.

By using this comparison, it allows potential prospects to compare familiar concepts with those of Market America. Using easy, conversational marketing is the goal of talking in themes. If UFOs are more comfortable with explaining the business, the chances of successful recruiting can increase.

To further explain how to talk in themes, Executive Vice President Dennis Franks and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler spoke in this informational video about the concept. This is an excellent training tool for those of you who struggle to get into the conversation with a prospect about the business. Share with your teams!




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