Team Building: Changing Lives One Person At A Time

The UnFranchise Community is one big team and when all the members of that team work together, anything is possible.

In order for your UnFranchise Business to grow, you must follow the proven system. All UFOs should be implementing the Basic 5 into their daily business routines. After 25 years, the proven system continues to show results and change people’s lives everyday. If you put in the time, the more opportunities you will create for yourself and your team.

One way to attract new team members or distributors is by conducting UBPs or local seminars. This is the perfect way to introduce new clients to Market America, the UnFranchise Business, and the Shopping Annuity. It’s also a chance to showcase products from SHOP.COM and how these products are the key to the business. The best part is that any UFO can do this. You have the necessary tools to show people the business at any time.

One UFO that exemplifies this mind sight is Michelle Charland. Michelle is a hardworking and intelligent UFO that is always looking to put in the extra effort in order to build her business and her team. With the help of her son Kevin, Michelle has been running her “Team Charland Wellness Seminar with Pike / Lecesse” over the past couple of weeks. Michelle has been covering how to restore energy  and improve your overall well-being with our various products and programs from nutraMetrix, Isotonix, and TLS. By the looks of it, the Charland team has shown no signs of slowing down!

It’s dedication and work from UFOs like Michelle and Kevin that has kept this business thriving for over 25 years. It’s also why the future of this company is so bright! Take a look below at some pictures and posts from the seminar.


We hope to see everyone at the 2017 Market America International Convention! 




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