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The GMTSS Mission: Insights & Notes from Our Online GMTSS Summit

Team, I’d like to share with you a very important update from this past weekend – where we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to host a tremendous GMTSS Online Summit with some brilliant UnFranchise leaders. It was such an honor to speak with these leaders & coordinators and share our message on the GMTSS Mission.

Loren and I always have a blast interacting and engaging with UnFranchise leaders, and this weekend’s virtual GMTSS summit was the perfect way to get everyone on the same page as we build towards 2021. These types of online Zoom meetings are so important because they allow us all to stay connected even during times of social distancing.

I included below the outline & notes from our annual GMTSS Zoom conference – and suggest everyone take some time this week to review it because it offers some valuable business insights…

The GMTSS Mission

The Importance and Significance of the GMTSS and your Leadership Role…

GMTSS has always been the Nervous system and backbone of the business.


  1. It is one of the things the differentiates us and makes us different and the UnFranchise.
  2. What UnFranchise means. SYSTEMIZATION & UNIFORMITY (without the cost or downsides)
  3. Why is that important:  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  4. However, it is only real of you make it real. More so than other thing that should be your objective and mission right now
  5. A big part of it is making sure that it is happening and being done.

Change always creates uncertainty and disruption and adjustment or adaptation to survive or to thrive.

  1. That has happened through the pandemic
  2. GMTSS and UnFranchise
    • It is your leadership role to make sure things are done right and according to the UnFranchise system and Basic 5.
    • That is keeping the main thing the main thing.
    • Make sure that the system is followed.
    • Make sure that speakers stick to the system and do not get off track with other themes or messages or a self-serving agenda.
    •  Make sure that the format is followed so that it remains the same everywhere.
      • So, whether someone is in California or NJ they are seeing the same plan and the same training: Getting Started, New Distributor, Basic 5 or the UBP local seminar.
    • McDonalds Example.
    • Expectation and what works.
      • Same menu. Same set up, same system everywhere.
      • Starbucks?
    • In DS or MLM “Way of the week or month” creates confusion and reverses or dilutes duplication
    • Diversion and profiteering selling information, tickets, audios and material. The $ is in the plan!
    • THE GMTSS and tickets pay for the system, support and training so it doesn’t have to come out of one’s pocket as they grow.
      • Everyone carries their own weight
  3. Also, it is important that you be the eyes and ears of the company and organization watching for deviations or ulterior or competitive.
    • We have always had a philosophy of “Teamwork makes the dream work” & “One team – one dream” – and it has worked
    • UNDERSTAND ONE THING: Because we are about systemization and everyone combining efforts into one meeting system where your people are being trained or motivated by people or leaders not always in the line of sponsorship
    • So,we have to be vigilant and protective of the groups there not to be exposed to competitive motives or other personal agenda or using the organization to sell other things.
    • Think about it:  We actually require people to take trainings in order to advance in the MPCP to earn $ so that there is not a problem with requirements, qualifications, and to ensure there is no misrepresentation that could adversely affect one’s business.
    • In order to cover all areas your people are often trained or exposed to other leaders. To do that there has to be an integrity & uniformity of the system.
    • We all know the benefits, but we have to make sure that no one uses the system for other competitive purposes.
    • If it does happen it is your job to stop it and report it immediately to nip it in the bud.

Pandemic: Has crippled or closed a lot of businesses. It has made it impossible for many business types to operate, stay open or grow. However, we are blessed as we have actually grown, and it has been proven to be an opportunity…

  1. It has actually become an opportunity for us because we supply people what they need online and by online shopping, ordering, retailing and fulfillment.
    • We can provide an opportunity of helping them find what they need and get it to them.
    • We have been blessed.
    • Volume, sales, commissions are UP, and growth are remarkably all up and increasing.  It is amazing and miraculous.
  2. At the same time people are reassessing their income or job security or stability and are more open minded to supplementing their income or finding another way to develop a secure income.
  3. People are looking that were too busy or consumed like the hamster on the treadmill to evaluate and try something new or different.
  4. Many people are going stir-crazy and welcome the chance to be interactive and listen to the UBP and how to do it online.
  5. So…UFO’s are growing and hitting levels like never before.
  6. The 3 Step Zoom evaluation and introduction of the UBP and UnFranchise works and results in new people getting started with a trial run.
  7. It is amazing because people do not even need to leave home and it removes the excuses. It increases participation. YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT!
  8. We had an incredibly successful virtual/online Convention from Greensboro with record attendance and results.
  9. We proved that we know how to do and can do it better than anyone else. MAWC2021 will be even better and more impactful!



So, we come together as a group of leaders today to expand and continue the GMTSS. But being on the team and doing it requires you leading by example and doing it to grow your own business. Getting people to participate then in the GMTSS online until we can start meeting again in small groups and then eventually large groups is the main thing. Imagine how anxious people will be to buy tickets and attend Locals, Districts, Regionals, International Convention & World Conference! People long to be together and it will be like a reunion.

In the meantime – keep the main thing the main thing. That means grow and build yourself.  Exercise RULE 1. The GMTSS is about building your own business first and foremost, and of course it has to be FUN!

These are 5 simple things that lead to everything else & start the pattern and process that leads to people leading to people that always eventually leads to someone earning weekly in a leg! These are the very things we started and built or grew the company and organization on. I call it the 90 DFT…

  1. 2 EVALUATION APPROACHES PER WEEK – Have a list of 100 possibilities out of the 300 + acquaintances you have that may know the right people. Do the 2 evaluation approaches correctly (follow model- important*) a week for 52 weeks. If you lack confidence, get help doing 3-way calls & if not getting results recapitulate what occurred & get coaching to adjust. This is how we get it right & make it work! If you cannot or will not do this, you will never make 6 figures. Two calls per week x 52 weeks = 104 per year = proven to result in 8 or more GO NOW’s imprinting leading to people!!
  2. Have and Read Goal statement daily with 5 steps and MEASURE, MONITOR, ADJUST & CONTROL weekly. Are you meeting the daily- weekly task as the stair steps to pin level? This should include doing something with each of the basic 5 (check list) & Report progress to team & senior partner weekly!  Have your group do the same!
  3. Show the plan or BRING someone to a HBP/UBP (preferably with a partner) to see if they know the right people & book a follow up. Qualify or dis qualify them with 2-3 ye plan and no decision close & always book a follow up (must see it 3 times & so trial runs to qualify). No follow up = strike. How many follow ups booked is the grade or measure of progress/succeed?
  4. Buy & sell GMTSS tickets (at least your own 2 if a couple) to & attend a GMTSS event monthly & bring someone or have a predetermined number of people there that are your organization- that is showing up for work at a minimum.  You are NOT even in business if you fail to do this!  ALWAYS take attendance/measure who is in by who attends & has someone new there.
  5. Use all the products and experience them & believe in them if they work & look to see problems people have and provide solution with your products.  Look to convert all spending into earning by buying everything from your own business thru UnFranchise or at wholesale or savings rather than at retail from someone else’s store. This is the #1 magic key to retailing. People will ask “what’s that” and your story & results causes them t ask for it & it spreads virally.

One new thing discovered and developed: Learn and Use the 3 Step Zoom system of evaluating and showing the UBP to do Trial Runs…

  • Practice the script. Have a reason you are calling them that makes sense to them why they may know the right people & do some of these approaches with senior partner.
  • Do the same with your people. Form small teams or buddy system. Do it as teams!

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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO