The Importance of Asking Questions for UFOs

While we all know how to socialize, asking questions is a part of creating and maintaining bonds by learning about one another. It is important to hone this skill in order to improve your entrepreneurship.

Asking Questions Improves Your Entrepreneurship

As an UnFranchise Owner in January of 2022, you have – officially or unofficially – set missions and goals for yourself to accomplish this year. When tackling a set of tasks to accomplish those goals, we entrepreneurs too often push forward without considering how to proactively deal with challenges. Before you continue your advancement as a retailer and entrepreneur, make sure you’re asking the best questions that will teach you how to take the best steps forward.

For example, JR talks about how the Evaluation Approach gauges a person’s interest in what you’re talking about. In order to evaluate their interest, you should ask them questions about themselves and their lives. That way, you know how to best illustrate how the UnFranchise Business Plan can work for them.

What Questions Can I Be Asking?

As entrepreneurs, we take action and make decisions quickly and efficiently. However, this means we are also prone to make assumptions about the circumstances of our goal-getting. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are all of your resources at your disposal? 
  • Where are those resources situated? 
  • Which individuals in your life are a part of your support system?

Some questions to ask of your peers or your followers:

  • Are you prepared to take on the task ahead of you?
  • How can I help you access the resource you are missing?
  • Why are you approaching this goal from this perspective?

How To Improve Your Questions

Identify your preexisting assumptions. Do you know for sure that all of the information you have about the subject at hand is accurate? Are you confident that the source of your information is credible?

Open your mind to all the possibilities. If you assume that you understand the thoughts of your business partner, customer, or mentor, you probably need to take a step back.

Explore the full idea. Ask questions that prompt explanations for the intent, inspiration, or insight of the subject matter. Don’t just ask yes or no questions!

Listen attentively to the response! There is little reason to ask a question if you are not engaged in the correspondence.

& More

Developing your support network and Business Development Center requires strong connections between you, your partners, and your customers. Inquiring about their lives shows care and consideration. As a UFO, Maggie Holbik, stated, “you will create value with your prospects, uncover needs and wants, and more importantly, you will create a relationship that can grow and evolve.” Having this particular skill of learning will reinforce the foundations of your business relationships.

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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