The Importance of Vitamin D: Melanoma Prevention Month and Sun Awareness Week

Sunshine-filled days are something that makes such a difference in our overall well-being. Along with those days, however, there is the need for both understanding and protection from the elements. Sun Awareness Week was put in place by the British Association of Dermatologists’ to encourage people to limit excessive exposure to tanning and to the importance of checking their skin. In the US, May is Melanoma Awareness Month, which helps bring awareness to limiting exposure to sunlight which brings us to one of our top 20 customer favorite products, Isotonix Vitamin D with K2.


There’s a reason Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin. When sunlight comes in contact with the skin, vitamin D synthesis is activated. One of the most substantial benefits of Vitamin D is that it promotes the efficient absorption of Calcium which is known to support bone health and density, amongst other things. Enter, Isotonix Vitamin D with K2.


What’s In It

Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 | Vitamin K is included in this product because of its unique partnership with vitamin D. Vitamins K and D work together to promote healthy calcium absorption and utilization. Vitamin K supports the delivery of calcium to the bones and helps maintain arterial health.*


Why We Love It

  • Promotes normal bone mineral density
  • Promotes healthy arteries
  • Supports immune health
  • Helps maintain bone health
  • Helps maintain bone mass by supporting normal osteoclast activity
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health
  • Promotes elasticity of blood vessels
  • Helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Women with low bone density have been found to be deficient in vitamin K


Spring and Summer days with extra sunshine are not a reason to go without your Isotonix Vitamin D. In addition to supplementing to support bone and immune health, be sure to take care of your skin on the outside as well by spending more time in the shade and always wearing sunscreen. For more tips and insights follow MA Healthy Living on Facebook and Instagram.


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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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